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Madden NFL 20: 20 Gameplay Fixes and Improvements

With EA Play and the first looks at Madden 20 gameplay just around the corner, here are 20 gameplay fixes and improvements that we know will be added to this year’s game. Checkout our video above for an even more detailed breakdown of each.

Fixes and Improvements For Madden 20

  1. Locomotion improvements (Real Player Motion 2.0)

The ball carrier feels more responsive, and the left stick running for this year’s game feels better that in past installments.

  1. Ball Carrier Move Improvements

Stiff arming has been improved and feels better than in past games. If a guy is coming from the side you can use it to keep a defender on your player.

  1. User Defenders Rarely Get Faked Out Now

Spinning and juking may be trickier this year, as there will be less broken tackles that don’t make sense, such as when you spin into someone.

  1. Ball Hawk On by Default

For ball hawking, we recommend that you keep it on in Madden 20. Linebackers will no longer be able to jump up and make spectacular catches.

  1. Turnover Changes

Stripping the ball may be too easy to spam. It’s very responsive and you have to time it just right or otherwise your player will miss the tackle. There will also be changes to the game camera after a pick, as when you get an interception it’s much smoother and your man doesn’t get turned around easily when the screen flips.

  1. Stumbling

In Madden 20, it will take a lot more force to make you stumble, as players have become sturdier.

  1. Coaching Adjustments

Changes to coaching adjustments including removing pass rush coach adjustments, as those have been removed, and the pass rush will be based upon ratings and abilities

  1. Wide Receiver Hot Routes

WR hot routes will connect to slot WR route chemistry, and there will be four additional routes (cross, corner, post, stop and go) in this year’s game.

  1. Hot Routes

Certain TE’s and RB’s get additional hot routes. Pocket passers with specific chemistry get addition hot routes for every receiver

  1. New Animations

“Shed defenses” like Nickel 335 and pass rushers that weren’t the greatest now get pre-canned animations that get to the quarterback. With that, players now get a loss animation will stay engaged with the blocker if you aren’t an elite pass rusher.

  1. Changes to Mobile Quarterbacks

Mobile QBs may have trouble when it comes to throwing deep passes. This year when your QB runs back a certain amount of yard pass icons will disappear and there is an additional penalty to passing accuracy.

  1. Defense Changes

Elite pass rushers can dominate games, and now, lurking LBs may not be able to jump up and making athletic INTs, depending on the athleticism of that specific linebacker.

  1. Quarterback Pressure and Abilities

QB pressure penalties have a much bigger impact on QBs. Safety abilities can put more pressure on QBs. QB with a higher under pressure ability will matter in the game. Accuracy for your quarterback may also be affected by hits and penalties, and the feedback mechanism in the game will let you know when that occurs.

  1. In-Game Passing Feedback

In-game passing feedback is more polished and detailed, and you’ll now know why a pass was inaccurate if it was due to a defensive lineman.

  1. Rush Get-Ups Animation Technology

Rush get-ups animation technology has improved for how and when a player reacts on the ground when the play it still alive. Offensive linemen are bigger and will be slower getting up, but other players will get up faster and get back into the play.

  1. Medium and Touch Passes

Medium pass and touch pass are back to press and release, and double tapping makes you double tap or even mid throw you can pull the ball down. You can pump fake a defend in the air, in a double pump you can pump fake a defender out. Big Ben has a pump fake ability which makes his pump fake more lethal. 

  1. Faster Game

Auto strafe and game speed settings have been removed. Despite this, the game will actually move faster this year, as there is less unnecessary presentation, and the offense and defense has the same amount of time to select plays. 

  1. On-Field Trainer

This year’s Madden features dynamic tips on game mechanics, and the UI will show you who the X-Factor players are for each team.

  1. RPO’s

We’ve detailed in the past here at SGO about the addition of RPO’s in this year’s game, as now you’ll have even more plays to choose from. 

  1. New Play Call Screen

This year’s Madden features some changes to the play call screen, which has remained relatively unchanged over the past few installments.

Those are some of the new fixes and changes that we know so far for Madden 20, and there will most likely be more coming up, as we will be able to get a first-hand look at the gameplay this coming weekend at EA Play.

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