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Madden NFL 20 April Title Update Details

Madden NFL 20 Title Update


Based on the feedback from the Madden community EA Sports has released the latest title update for Madden NFL 20 that addresses some key issues brought to the development teams attention.

The following are the current updates:


  • General stability improvements


  • Fixed an issue allowing defenders into the backfield unblocked with defensive formations such as Nickel 2-4-5 Odd.
  • Fixed an additional issue allowing the ‘Nasty Streak’ Superstar ability to be used on players out of position.

From SGO’s Madden 20 review:

Thanks to the updates with RPM (Real Player Motion) 2.0, player movement is much improved. There’s actually a realistic flow to actions on the field and things feel less jagged or rigid than they had before. 

The long-awaited addition of RPOs open up the offense more, allowing for more play styles on offense. There’s also a better feeling of control with the quarterbacks, especially when trying to place passes into windows or lead your receivers. Oh, and we can’t forget that pump fakes actually feel natural to pull off this year.

When running, you notice that — aside from various small bugs that should be patched in the near future — the offensive line picks up blocks and their various assignments better. They move well and turn to open holes for runners without feeling too overpowered.

Moving to the defensive side of things, defensive line play is where you notice the biggest improvement this year. The battle between the opposing lines has never been so intense, and it’s really nice to see how the best offensive linemen go up against the best run stuffers or pass rushers. 

In the back seven — you can chalk this up to the changes in player ratings — middle of the pack linebackers won’t be seen making an olympian-like hurdle to pick off a pass while 7th round cornerbacks won’t be able to keep up with speed receivers like DeSean Jackson. 

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