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Madden NFL 20: Gameplay Deep Dive Part II


Today, EA Sports hosted a live broadcast on Twitch, during which developers took a deep dive into gameplay in Madden NFL 20. Today’s broadcast specifically broke down changes to playbooks, playcalling and play-related gameplay details. EA also unveiled the addition of run-pass option plays in Madden 20, which drops on July 30. Here are all the details from today’s stream.

RPOs (Run-Pass Options)

Brand new to Madden NFL 20 are run-pass option plays, better known as RPOs. There are three types of RPOs in Madden 20: peeks, reads and alerts.

Peek RPOs are similar in nature to a standard read option. Peeks are also known as 1-read RPOs because you will be reading a single defender on these plays. Instead of being able to keep the ball and run with the quarterback, a peek allows you to either hand the ball off or throw to a wide receiver. This is a quick decision, however, as you’ll need to press the receiver’s icon before the handoff animation completes if you wish to throw the ball.

Read RPOs, also known as a 2-Read, are essentially triple option plays. A read RPO allows you to hand the ball off, throw to a receiver or keep the ball and run with your quarterback.

Alert RPOs are for all intents and purposes regular run plays, but with one slight wrinkle. Alerts feature one wide receiver on a route. Simply hiking the ball and pressing no other buttons will result in a normal handoff. If you’d like to throw to the receiver, simply abort the handoff.

Below are examples of different types of peek, read and alert RPOs.



Playbooks have been revamped in Madden 20, For the first time ever, playbooks will be updated throughout the year. This is something that will not only keep the game fresh, but can help control the competitive balance of the game. For example, if a play is new overpowered, it can be altered or removed altogether. This will help change the “meta” and go a long way toward giving competitive players the chance to develop a unique scheme.

Hundreds of new plays have been added in Madden 20, including several jet sweep plays. Below is a look at a few examples.


Other Notes

Trick Plays – There are new and exciting trick plays in Madden NFL 20. The “Philly Special” from the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII victory over the Patriots is in the game, as well as several new reverse/end around trick plays. Below is a look at the play art for the Philly Special.

You can read more about part two of the Madden NFL 20 gameplay deep dive here.

What do you think of some of the new plays and additions to playcalling in Madden NFL 20? Which of the new plays looks like your new money play? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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