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Madden NFL 20 Launches Brand New Game Mode “Superstar KO”


Today, EA Sports released the September title update for Madden NFL 20. In the update, a brand new game mode, Superstar KO, was introduced to Madden. This mode features quick games, fun playcalling, activated Superstar X-Factor abilities, celebrity players, arcade style gameplay and rules, a custom stadium and much more. Here is a complete breakdown of Superstar KO.


Superstar KO is an online eliminator mode, and can be played 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3. Games are played with special overtime rules in a unique stadium and with a unique presentation style. Win four games in a row to be crowned undefeated champs. Each week, a new Madden Ultimate Team reward will be available to earn from Superstar KO XP.


Picking a team is simple. First, pick a base squad to determine both your playbook and base roster. There are eight base squads to pick from: Dot City, Ground N Pound, Magicians, Snappers, Record Breakers, Shutdown, Florida Keys and Backyard Heroes. Below are the coaches, playbooks and roster builds of the base squads.

Next, select three Superstar X-Factor players. In Superstar KO, all X-Factor abilities are automatically activated for the entire game. All 50 Superstar X-Factor players in Madden 20 are available at random in the draft, along with legends and icons. Players in the draft come in four tiers: common, rare, ultra rare and legendary.


There are no kicks or punts of any kind. Each team gets a drive starting from their own 25-yard line. Per EA, here are all of the ways a game can end:

  • Player A scores and converts two-pointer. Player B scores and does not convert. Player A wins.
  • Player A scores touchdown by does not convert. Player B scores and converts. Player B wins.
  • Player A loses a turnover and player B scores (pick-six or recovered fumble). Player B wins.
  • Player A does not score. Player B loses a turnover and Player A scores. Player A wins.
  • Player A does not score. Player B scores a touchdown. Player B wins.
  • Player A scores. Player A loses a turnover on two-point conversion (or safety) and player B scores. Player B scores a touchdown. Player B wins.

If the score is tied after one overtime round, the game enters a “Tug of War” where the team with the most yards after three plays wins. If a team scores a touchdown during any of their three Tug of War plays, the game automatically ends.

You can read more about the Madden NFL 20 newest mode here.


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