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Madden NFL 20 Possible New Features and Modes

If the past Madden timelines are correct, Madden 20 should be releasing worldwide in August. While Madden 19 was released on August 10th, Madden 16, Madden 17 and Madden 18 released on the last week of August during NFL training camps.

With that said, EA has been relatively quiet on the Madden 20 front while they continue to release monthly updates to Madden 19. My guess is we should be seeing some Madden news coming out around PAX East or the latest in April.

Even so, Sports Gamers Online was given some concrete information about what EA is putting into Madden 20. There are new mechanics, new modes and some cool simulation tools that seem like it could make a lot of people happy.

If the written word isn’t your thing, head over to our YouTube channel and you can watch our entire breakdown of the Madden news.

New Modes

Madden 20 seems to have a couple of new modes that aren’t present in current generations of Madden. Per our source:

“Other single player modes include the option of simulating seasons as a coach. Campaign mode where you create your own player and play through an immersive world story and challenges both on and off the field.”

Coach Mode

Madden 19 had a coach mode, but from doing some digging the community wasn’t satisfied with how the mode played out. While you were able to pick the plays, you still had to manually kick and punt. There were some bugs on defense where a player could become human controlled without the player knowing.

There’s not much known about this “Coach Mode”, but a true simulation “Coach Mode” could make many Madden fans happy. Is it possible that Madden would evoke a simulation idea like Franchise Hockey Manager or Out of the Park Baseball? It would be incredible, wouldn’t it?

Campaign mode

What I’m really interested in is the Campaign mode. It seems EA is moving away from the “Longshot” style of campaign and giving the player their own story. Finally, it seems that EA has embraced a full-fledged single player campaign akin to MLB The Show‘s “Road to the Show”.

Playable Pro Bowl 

This year there is a full, playable pro bowl. You’re also able to play with the AFC and NFC Pro Bowl teams in Exhibition. Based on the wording I’ve seen, this could also be part of the campaign mode where if your player were to qualify for the Pro Bowl, you can participate in it.

Face Editing

“Extensive face editing tool gives you control over the appearance of your own players. Create and save multiple custom players.” 

I lumped this under the campaign mode but it could also mean that roster share gurus will have the ability to create more lifelike players that aren’t included in the Madden 20 rosters. The above passage makes me believe that Madden 20 is doing away with the already created faces of yesteryear’s games and bringing us an NBA 2K-like face editor.

Scenario Engine

The scenario engine is an all-new in-game system that can create personalized playable scenarios for your character. Included in this scenario engine is interactions with other characters through an in-game text messaging system, branching dialogue options, dynamic events and challenges. The idea behind all of this is to build your NFL career that will be unique from other people’s NFL career.

This scenario engine gives me an incredible whiff of NBA 2K‘s “MyPlayer” mode. Everything from the in-game text messages and the dialogue options screams of a full-fledged single player experience.

Madden Ultimate Team

It seems that MUT is getting some changes as well. Below are three changes that should be implemented in Madden 20.

Superstar Abilities In MUT

Not much is known on this front, but it seems that superstar players are going to have abilities that others won’t have.


“A new way to navigate Ultimate Team: find items you want to acquire, and then follow the step by step instructions to get them for your team”.

Pretty explanatory. Fans of MLB The Show will understand where missions are coming from. My guess would be that Madden 20 will make you do certain things to acquire a card. For example, if you wanted a rare Ray Lewis card you may have to meet requirements like “sacks in a game” plus “forced fumbles” plus something else. Meeting these requirements will net you the card.

Ultimate Challenges

“New and revamped version of solo challenges that lets you replay challenges and play challenges collaboratively with your friends.”

This is open to some interpretation, especially the last part. I’m not sure if EA is talking about a “party assist” mode where you would be able to party with your friends and knock out a challenge.

Mechanics, Features, Etc.

Lastly is everything else mentioned. These are bite sized additions that could make the game a lot smoother or just some new features.

Superstar-Drive Play-Calling

While I’m not sure if play-calling is going to get a complete overhaul or if this is just a “coach mode” feature, superstar play-calling is tailored to have your big name players get involved quickly. Whether this is an offensive feature or not is also not known.

Unique Playbooks 

Playbooks will be re-tooled and re-calibrated to be more unique and give competitive players more options and variety.

New Pump Fake Mechanic

It seems Madden 20 is coming with a throw cancelling mechanic. It’s unsure if you’ll have to double tap the wide receiver’s corresponding button to pull it off.

Updated celebrations

Over 20 new TD and First Down celebrations will be included.

That is everything our source gave us. It seems that this information is pretty concrete and we’d be surprised if these weren’t included in Madden 20. The idea of a full-fledged single player football experience like NBA 2K‘s “MyPlayer” or MLB The Show‘s “Road to the Show” has me really excited for Madden 20.

One last tidbit of information was that Madden 20 will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sorry Switch owners, it looks like Madden just isn’t in your future.

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