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Madden NFL Connected Franchise Best EXP Slider Settings

madden cfm exp sliders

Earlier in the year when EA released the new CFM EXP Sliders we showed you guys the results of having them all at 100%, 200% and 300% but we never really gave you our recommendation for the best set of exp sliders. We are here today to give you some help on how to set up your EXP sliders to best mimic the default rosters. Of course, you can always tweak them to how you or your league prefer, but here is our suggested EXP sliders that we have found to be the most balanced:

Quarterback 80%

After the season sim this ended with about 40 guys above 80 overall. A few teams with young rookie backups were over the 80 ovr threshold. This seemed like a good spot give or take for most teams, you really don’t see too many starting QBS come into madden with below an 80 overall. The lowest starters are usually around 76 which I found to be fairly consistent with this sim. It was a little deep in 80-89 guys but I think this is the happy spot. But you can move this a little but up or down, according to your preference.

Halfback/Fullback 130%

I really think this was pretty spot on. In my CFM on normal XP sliders, you truly don’t see many standout HBs. We have had 1 HB who was drafted eclipse the 90 overall mark. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good ones, but more due to user skill rather than actual attributes. 130% left me feeling that good HBs were actually coming in to replace the aging greats.

Wide Receiver 230% 

Another situation very similar to the HB situation, but more extreme in my opinion. Very few WRs you see really eclipse that 90 overall point, truthfully there really is not many you see eclipse the 85 overall mark other than the ones who already started at that point. 230% makes it much more realistic and allows for those WR stars, but I think it is a bit too much. My suggestion is to lower it slightly.

Tight End 80%

This is really close to where I am feeling that it is spot on. The highest overall tight end in my CFM is a 92, which isn’t bad, but in 6 seasons we have yet to have one come up to that Gronk/Graham overall as well as formers like Gates, Tony G etc.. 80% is a good spot for most guys and I think most users will be happy with 80%, but you may also try upping it a bit.

Tackle 130% 

This is one that has actually given me a bit of trouble. I’ve had some inconsistencies with sims and have had to drop this a few times. 130% was what I had it on for my last season sim, but I truly do feel that it is a little bit too high. Possibly 100 or 110% would be the better number for this one.

Guard 100%

This left me with a great taste in my mouth after having many troubles with the tackles. 100% leaves a good amount of 85-90 OVR guys, and still some over 90 OVR as well. Nice base here, I wouldn’t change it much, possibly lowering it slightly is all.

Center 130% 

Initially had 37 players over 80 OVR in this one, which is just a bit too high in my opinion. So to get this down to around 21-25 we will set it at 130%.

Defensive End 200% 

This is just a small step from being completed. I really liked the results I saw from this sim. It gave us more top end guys who will replace the aging greats, but still is just a bit too skimpy. Go with 200%, or raise it slightly, your preference.

Defensive Tackle 100%

This was another one that’s a little tricky. The depth was a little too deep in my opinion, but there are a good amount of good-average DTs in the NFL, but the top end was perfect in my opinion. If you want a little less depth at DT you can lower it; I still think you will see some good results from the top end guys if you lower it.

Outside Linebacker 150%

A very easy one here. You don’t see as many top end guys as years past in Madden, but I think that’s more true to life. You really only have a handful of Linebackers over the 90 OVR mark to start Madden.

Middle Linebacker 150%

Same as the OLB position. You don’t see 7 99 OVR MLBs anymore like you used to in last Madden, this is more true to real life where you really only see 4-5 really dominant MLBs.

Cornerback 200%

The top end, 88+ OVR guys, were a little heavy here, but overall it sticks pretty close to stock Madden rosters; which ultimately is the goal as we get many seasons into our league, to not have an abundance of superstars or duds but remain consistent with actual starting roster overalls.

Free Safety 180%

Short, sweet and to the point here. 180% is perfect. The results were really great with how the distribution of overalls was between good to average guys as well as the top end.

Strong Safety 180% 

This was really spread out evenly between 80-99 OVR, but I’m not sure I like having 13 guys over 90. My opinion is to probably drop this around the 160% range.

Kicker 150%

Very good numbers as far as the overalls go comparing to stock rosters, which as I said is the goal. I wouldn’t change it from this.

Punter 150%

Probably not a spot most people really care too much about, but for consistency sake it is a little too high. This turned out very top heavy in high overalls. Try lowering it to about 130%

I hope this helps for all those CFM guys out there looking to restart on online, or start over in a solo franchise. Most of these sliders are pretty solid and mimic the stock rosters which is what you want as you get a few years into the franchise. With some small adjustments according to everyone’s personal taste, I think this is an excellent guide for those who wish to follow it.

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