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Madden Ultimate Team Gets Salary Cap Update

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The MUT Salary Cap mode of NFL Madden 17 has just received an update from EA Sports, to “improve game balance while attempting to keep the salary cap mode compelling and up to date for our players”, as declared on the official EA Sports page for the title.

The mode will feature a number of new aspects to take into consideration. A thing the devs seemed to be willing to work on was having a few players cheaper in cap total than the others that become too common of choices for many players.

To achieve this, EA Sports modified the minimum cap values for each position, as it follows:

  • 10 cap min = FB, P
  • 12 cap min = K
  • 15 cap min = HB, WR, QB, TE, OLB, MLB, DE, DT, DB, SS, FS

But that’s not the only change to be expected. High-end elite players salaries were updated as well so that the players will need to be much more careful when adding superstars to their teams.

Another area subject to an update was the chemistry. Opposed to what was before (all chemistry abilities had a cost of 4), now the chemistry abilities have a cost that ranges from two to eight. Chemistry cap cost for motivator and competitor got their costs updated with the same logic.

Last, but not least, the salary cap has increased to better accommodate all these changes. The total salary cap raised from 850 to 1075.

As declared in the article, the EA Sports crew is monitoring the situation and will release updates if deemed necessary.

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