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Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Seasons Now Available


Based on feedback from players and fans, EA Sports has done away with Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Head 2 Head in favor of Madden Ultimate Team Seasons. As described by associate producer Jake Stein, this will be “the only place where you can take your best lineups to the field to win Super Bowls.”

This concept will somewhat mirror the NFL season in that it will have a regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowl. The difference between the two is a loss threshold in MUT that will effectively end your season set at four losses. Conversely, your regular season will be promoted to the playoffs should you win seven games. The playoffs will require you to win three games straight without suffering any losses in order to make it to the Super Bowl, which will be played in Houston’s NRG Stadium, with full Super Bowl 51 Regalia.

Also included are eight different division in the Seasons format, so that you will be placed against people of the same skill level as you, as you work your way up to All Madden 1st String from the default Rookie 2nd String. In each of these division, regardless of a win and loss, you will receive a coin reward, although you must finish the first half of a game in order to receive a coin for a loss. The higher your division, the bigger the reward will be.

Ticket entries are not required to play Seasons mode, but rather the mode will consume contracts like previous iterations, with limited use players only consuming one contract per game played.

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