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Madden Ultimate Teams 18 Loyalty Rewards Explained

In an recent interview, Associate Producer for Madden NFL 18, Jake Stein, sat down and answered a few question concerning Madden Ultimate Teams 18 loyalty rewards. Below, you can find highlights from Stein’s interview.

Madden Ultimate Teams 18 Loyalty Rewards
Rookie Premeire

First, Stein went over how last year’s Rookie Premiere program will effect players this year. Players who completed any of the 10 sets featuring first round draft picks will be rewarded with a 99 OVR version of the rookie that year. In addition, they will get his Rookie Premiere version the following year. Also to clarify, Stein provided this example:

“Let’s say you completed the Leonard Fournette Set. When you fire up and enter Madden Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 18, you’ll receive his 78 OVR Rookie Premiere version. Now hypothetically let’s say Fournette goes off in Week 3 and is chosen for an 81 OVR Team of the Week upgrade. Your Rookie Premiere player’s ratings will update and match the same ratings as that 81 OVR TOTW version.”

Madden Ultimate Teams 18Loyalty Vouchers

Secondly, Stein followed by announcing all earned Loyalty Badges will carry over to this year as Loyalty Vouchers. Furthermore, he noted that those who completed Master Sets will receive additional vouchers for their effort.

  • 1 Loyalty Voucher → Small Contract Pack (250 contracts)
  • 8 Loyalty Vouchers → Large Contract Pack (2,500 contracts)
  • 2 Loyalty Vouchers → Small Ticket Pack (3 Event Tickets)
  • 8 Loyalty Vouchers → Large Ticket Pack (15 Event Tickets)
  • 1 Loyalty Voucher → Offensive Silver Player Pack (8 random NAT silver offensive players)
  • 1 Loyalty Voucher → Defensive Silver Player Pack (8 random NAT silver defensive players)
  • 3 Loyalty Vouchers → Offensive Gold Player Pack (5 random NAT gold offensive players)
  • 3 Loyalty Vouchers → Defensive Gold Player Pack (5 random NAT gold defensive players)
  • 8 Loyalty Vouchers → Offensive Elite Player Pack (1 random NAT elite offensive player)
  • 8 Loyalty Vouchers → Defensive Elite Player Pack (1 random NAT elite defensive player)

That about wrapped up Stein’s interview. You can view it in its entirety here.

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