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Maximum Football 2020 Content Update – October 23


The folks at Canuck Play are releasing another weekly content update for Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020. Canuck Play have been releasing updates every Friday for both the Xbox One (version 4.0.98) and for the PlayStation 4 (version 01.12). As a result, the team is constantly addressing issues. Today, they are fixing several bugs, some of which caused lock-ups. Also, today’s update makes several changes to how stats are calculated.

You can find the full patch notes below.


Maximum Football 2020 10/23 Content Update


  • Corrected an issue that could cause a lock up on the Team Select screen while loading into game

Dynasty Mode

  • Improved loading process for the “team select” screen after selecting to play a game from any of the dynasty schedule lists
  • Fixed issue that could prevent the Seasonal Awards from displaying


  • Fixed issue with incorrect field position being calculated if calling a fair catch on the opening kickoff of the half
  • Adjusted how the catch modifier slider impacts the chance of a reception
  • The in-game depth chart can now be loaded from any area of the play select screen. In previous versions of the game, the depth chart was formation specific. With depth charts now being global, selecting a formation is no longer required
  • Adjusted Free Safety logic to allow them to move into a better position according to the number of defenders playing safety
  • Changed how players assigned to back field blocking move to their target defenders
  • Adjusted how the catch modifier slider affects the player’s base hands rating
  • Changed overtime rules for U.S. College to no longer force a two point conversion until reaching the third overtime
  • Adjusted player acceleration, blocking strength, tackling breaking, and player speed calculations
  • Adjusted the receiver catch calculation to better account for the current velocity of a receiver
  • Corrected an issue that may prevent a coach from calling a field goal when the game situation would expect it
  • Adjusted the time an offensive lineman can hold his pass block based on the player’s Blocking rating
  • Fixed issue that would prevent you from calling an audible in The Spring League

Maximum Football 2020 is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $29.99. If you’re curious about some of the game’s features, check out our coverage here. You can find our review below. In this review, Dynasty Mode lives up to the hype, but how does the rest fare?

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