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NBA 2K17 Low Post & Interior Defensive Tutorial

NBA 2K17 Low Post

Being weak in the paint, whether it’s from post play or penetration is the easiest way to get blown out. It requires good positioning and discipline to consistently make it tough on your opponent. Our NBA 2K17 Low Post & Interior Defensive Tutorial will show you how to play more disciplined and effective defense.


First off, in the post when the big receives the pass down low, he has plenty of options and you must respect them all until he shows his hand. You want to start by making sure you’re between the ball handler and the basket by holding L2 or LT on the controller so he doesn’t have a clear lane right off the bat. Also by getting down in a stance, you make yourself wider creating a bigger obstacle for the offensive player to go around if he attempts to make a move or disengages from the post, where close to the basket every inch you can take away matter


If he begins by bumping you, lean into him with the left stick as soon as he does it to counter him and hold your ground. But let go as soon as he’s done the backdown animation, because if you lean into him for too long the ball handler can easily spin off you.


When you think the player is about to leave his feet to shoot, and this goes for any shot in the paint don’t jump before he does! Don’t do it, because yea you may get that sports center block, but more than likely your opponent is either going to pump fake you or not shoot at all waiting for you to flail in the air and now you’ve just given up all the points. So, what you do is put your hands straight up with the right stick, so you get the best of both worlds by affecting the shot if they take it, while decreasing the chance of you fouling because your jumping straight up and still be in solid position if it’s a pump fake. But when he finally commits to the shot, if you’ve put your hands up you don’t have to jump as far to reach the ball now, so once he leaves his feet hit the block button and be ready to send that shot into the 5th row.


Now If you are beaten and you can’t reestablish position, your only hope now is to go for the block. You hope not to be in this situation often, but when it does occur you want to do anything possible to prevent the guaranteed 2 points.

In the end you want your hands and feet to work together. Establish and maintain your position with your feet and use your hands to finish it off. You don’t want to be jumping for pump fakes like crazy leaving your feet and giving up easy buckets or shooting fouls. Just being disciplined can make a world of difference in how effective you defend the paint.

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