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New Equipment Added in Madden 20 Update


EA recently updated Madden 20 with brand new equipment in the latest October Update. The new equipment below is currently in game on players listed and shown in detail in our included YouTube video but won’t be equip-able for ALL players until after a future update is released.

Before we get to the new facemasks and other accessories added in this most recent update, it’s worth a quick mention that the Riddell SpeedFlex was updated in a small patch in late August. The typical white jawpads on the stardard SpeedFlex were replaced with black jaw pads to better replicate the SpeedFlex Precision helmet more commonly used in today’s NFL. Onto the most recent update, the team has added 15 new facemasks (most of them for the SpeedFlex) and 3 new neck collars.


Vengeance 3-Bar

Miles Garrett entered the league with a 3-bar facemask on his Vengeance. It has a traditional 3-bar design, but with ‘eyebrows’ along the top of the mask rather than the straight bars seen on the more traditional versions of the mask.

Vengeance 2-Bar Single

A subtle update to the preexisting 2 bar, now with a single top bar, available on the Vengeance Pro, Z10 and F7. Nelson Agholar and Danny Amendola both use this mask, making it a good look for receivers or quarterbacks.

F7 Robot 2

When the Schutt F7 launched, the new EGOP-II (I say ‘E-GOP 2’) facemask did not offer a second horizontal bar along the sightline. By popular demand, Schutt soon offered the style that was so common on their older helmets. It quickly caught on in the NFL on linebackers like Devin Bush and Alec Ogeltree and a few DB’s.

SpeedFlex 808

Easily the most commonly requested facemask addition in the Madden series. The SpeedFlex 808 facemask has finally arrived!….Just in time for the originator, Marcus Mariota, to switch back to his old helmet style. Nonetheless, the 808 is here for the likes of Geno Smith and Jalen Richard.

SpeedFlex 3-Bar

A similar 3-bar single is currently available in Madden for the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees and formally Andrew Luck. When Philip Rivers made the switch to the SpeedFlex late last season, he also debuted a new 3-bar facemask with a second bar along the top of the mask, replicating the mask used on his old helmet.

SpeedFlex Kicker

This is the mask everyone has been waiting for. A kicker facemask on the SpeedFlex! It’s very similar to the 2-bar single, seen on Carson Wentz and Nyheim Hines, but with a lower bar along the sightline for a modern-classic look on the kicker mask. It might not affect non-Sim players too much, but with so much of the NFL switching to the SpeedFlex, it’s a good addition to the game.

SpeedFlex Half Cage

How much of a throwback is this one? The old school half cage with a nose bar that runs down the middle of the mask has been put on a SpeedFlex for 49ers OL Mike McGlinchey.

SpeedFlex Fullcage Robot

The cage facemask is a good, aggressive look for many lineman(already in-game). A similar mask with a more open sightline and eye guards is also available and quite popular in the NFL. When Zeke returned from his holdout, he came back wearing this larger mask(compared to his old robot rb), making it a must-have addition. The look is solid for running backs like Zeke, lineman like Taylor Lewan, linebackers like Shane Ray, and maybe DB’s like Josh Norman who uses it for practice and pregame warmups.

SpeedFlex Full Cage Hook

The name tells you everything about this mask. Cam Wake uses a usual SpeedFlex Fullcage facemask, but with a full ring along the top bars of the facemask. Solid lineman mask.

SpeedFlex 3-Bar RB Single

Following the theme of adding SpeedFlex facemasks with a single bar along the top, the 3-Bar RB single has been added, and is being used by Marcus Davenport.

SpeedFlex Fullcage Robot

Got bars? Joe Staley debuted this mask on a SpeedFlex last season, with a pretty cool rendition of the facemask used on his old helmet. A full cage design with 3 vertical bars to protect the face, and eye guard bars make a pretty cool lineman mask.

SpeedFlex Bulldog

Remember when Madden 12 cover boy Peyton Hillis had that sweet bulldog facemask on the old bucket of a helmet he used with Cleveland? Yeah, they made it for the SpeedFlex and it still gets some use in the NFL on DL Danny Shelton.

SpeedFlex RB Bull

This facemask is very similar to 3-Bar LB facemask already in-game, but with the classic bull ring along the top of the mask. A pretty sweet fullback design, used in New England by James Develin.

SpeedFlex 3-Bar LB Grid

Jaguars’ OL Brandon Linder used a pretty unique facemask on his Riddell SpeedFlex. It’s basically a 3-Bar LB mask with a single top bar, and 5 vertical bars to help protect the jaw, rather than the usual 3.

SpeedFlex 3 bar RB Jagged

The Revo Speed had an entire line of facemasks with jagged vertical bars along the corner of the mask. The NFL has started to see facemasks similar to these on guys like Robert Quinn and Deon Cain. The usual 3-bar facemask’s straight bars along the corner of the mask are replaced with jagged bars to open up the player’s field of view.



ButterFly Neck Roll

Cowboys LB Leighton Vander Esch entered the league with a big plastic plate sticking out of the top of his shoulder pads, and Madden fans immediately began asking for it to be added to the game. It has now been added for LVE and a handful of other NFL guys

Cowboy Collar Neck Roll

Perhaps not as large or noticeable as the Neck plate used by LVE, the Cowboy collar is a black neck roll that wraps further around the neck, and currently worn by Tyron Smith. This collar was a bit more common years ago, perhaps most notably on Pats legend Tedy Bruschi.

Vintage Single Neck Roll

The new vintage neck roll is similar to the one that has been present in the game for a bit, however it is a bit smaller and is mostly for MUT Legends.

Stay tuned to SGO for all of the latest update to Madden 20 and all of your favorite sports games!

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