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New Madden NFL 20 Gameplay Details Revealed

In an exclusive interview with Madden NFL Senior Gameplay Designer Clint Oldenburg and other EA Sports developers, SGO’s The Natural uncovered a variety of gameplay details and notes for Madden NFL 20.

This is Part 2 of the interview. A wide range of topics are discussed, including: custom animations, online replays, sub packages and substitutions, tackling and more. Madden 20 will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 2. Here’s a recap of the interview.


Madden NFL Senior Gameplay Designer Clint Oldenburg answered a long list of detailed questions asked by SGO’s The Natural. Below is a quick summary of the nuggets Oldenburg shared in the video.

  • Players with abilities activated will keep their abilities when subbed in at another position (e.g., RB subbed in at WR or S subbed in at LB)
  • Ball carrier moves like spins and jukes have been significantly tuned and balanced
  • Players such as Richard Sherman, Alvin Kamara, Cam Newton, Julian Edelman and more will have their own custom running motions
  • Tackling is now more “skill-based”
    • Timing windows for both aggressive and conservative tackles are much tighter
    • Ball carriers are less likely to get chased down from behind by slower players
    • Going for strips and dive tackles are punished far more heavily
  • Some of the Elite players will have special animations on ball carrier moves
  • The idea of X-factor abilities and superstars standing out “is not a one-year gimmick”
  • Both pre-play and post-play cutscenes have been significantly reduced
    • Games will now be 2-3 minutes shorter on average

Don’t miss Part 1 here with even more details on Madden NFL 20:

What do you think about these gameplay details for Madden NFL 20? Do you think this will lead to more realistic gameplay in this year’s installment of Madden? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO on YouTube.

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