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New Maximum Football Screenshots Revealed in Annual Report

Zordix, the parent company of Maximum Games, shared their yearly report today. The report is in Swedish, which unfortunately is a language I cannot read. However, the report does feature screenshots from the upcoming reboot of the Maximum Football series.

Gameplay Images Reveal New Maximum Football Look

Nearly a year ago, Canuck Play announced via a message via Discord that the company would be ceasing operations indefinitely, potentially ending the Maximum Football franchise. In August, Modus Games acquired the title, putting it back into production. Announcements have been scarce since then, with the developers working quietly in the background. These screenshots are the first look at Maximum Football under its new development team.

The screenshots themselves look good. If the images are truly of gameplay, it’s an improvement from previous Maximum Football games. Maximum Football’s biggest strength was always its commitment to perfecting the recruiting system from the old EA NCAA games. Canuck Plays was a small team. It’s difficult for small development teams to focus on making a game that matches AAA games in every aspect. So, Canuck Plays focused on what they could.

Hopefully these screenshots are a promising sign. When developed by a company who has the manpower to focus on multiple facets of development, the Maximum Football series can look as good as its Dynasty Mode feels.

Other Maximum Football Updates

Many of Modus Games’ recent updates on Maximum Football show off the mocap technology being used to capture new animations for the game. Footage shared on Twitter shows how the football mocap suits look, as well as a short clip of the capture in action.

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