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NFL 2K Delayed

NFL 2K Delayed To 2022, 2K Announces

2K Sports’ highly anticipated return to football with NFL 2K has been delayed. Originally set to release later this year, the company announced that its upcoming arcade-style NFL game has been pushed out of fiscal year 2022. This means that we won’t see an NFL 2K football game until March of next year at the earliest.

No explanation was given as to why NFL 2K was delayed, but 2K did share a statement confirming that the game is being pushed back.

“While we are very excited to once again be working with the NFL and NFLPA, our first title under these new partnerships is no longer expected to be released during fiscal year 2022.” It continues, “2K will have more to share on their plans for our football offerings going forward.”

2K had been oddly quiet all year in regards to its “non-simulation” football game. Unfortunately, now we know why.

When NFL 2K eventually does release, it will be the first time in a decade and a half that a company other than EA Sports released an NFL licensed video game. After Take-Two released the incomparable ESPN NFL 2K5, EA signed a long-term exclusive deal with the NFL to create “simulation” football games.

2K made a brief return to football a few years later with the release of All-Pro Football 2K8, which was an unlicensed game featuring football greats of the past. It didn’t sell well due to the lack of NFL licensing, but it is widely-regarded by simheads to be the best playing football game ever.

It is up in the air as to when we can expect NFL 2K, but it likely won’t be before April 2022. As far as what type of game fans can expect, the company previously stated that it aims to create “approachable and social football experiences” that sport “authenticity, fun, and depth.”

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[…] alive by making the rosters modern. I believe it would be a good indicator of what should be in the eventual 2K football game.I was a bit torn between SvR 2006 and SvR 2007. Both games are incredible and are fan-favorites. […]

4 months ago

it’s been longer than a decade of waiting

David Mckinstry
David Mckinstry
10 months ago

2k ESPN football should come back with a different approach using chemistry and make everybody equal and designed it for your skills alone and make the game debut with all old school players dead and alive on the team that drafted them no new or up to date players just old school players and HOF players and the old stadiums and have a special Monday night football halftime highlights feat. Howard Cowell and Sunday night’s with Steward Scott, and put Madden to sleep.