NFL 2K Update – Release Plans and Development

Fans may have to wait a little bit longer

Since it was announced back in 2020, fans have been eagerly awaiting any update on the return of NFL 2K from 2K Sports. While the series isn’t going to be like the NFL 2K of old — EA Sports still holds exclusive simulation rights –, it’s still expected to feature some elements that fans will like. Unfortunately, though, it’s been quiet on the development front.

Originally, the game was planned for a 2021 launch only to be pushed back to 2022. Now, with no news and the 2022 NFL season right around the corner, there is concern that the wait will be even longer.

Sources have told SGO that 2K Sports is working towards a likely 2023 release. However, a 2024 launch isn’t being ruled out either.

“There is a lot going into this game, and they want it to be done the right way,” one source said. “If that means a longer development time, then that’s what they are willing to do.”

While there was some thought that the first 2K NFL game would be part of the new Lego collaboration, that isn’t likely to be what fans get first. As far as what the game will entail, SGO was told that gameplay was being developed to go up to the line of what constitutes simulation vs non-simulation, even if it’s art style and player count isn’t necessarily what you’d expect.

“Despite being arcade, this is still a true football game,” one said.

Because of the nature of the development, though, there are still changes to the game being made. Especially if certain aspects cross the line of what is deemed to be simulation.

SGO reached out to 2K Sports for comment on the status of the game. As of publishing, no response was received though past correspondences stated that more information would be “coming soon”.

What are your feelings of the in-development NFL 2K game? Are you still excited or are you waiting to see more? Let us know in the comment section below, and take the discussion further at the official SGO Discord server.

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