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Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Super Bowl Promo

Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Super Bowl Promo

Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Super Bowl Promo

The latest promo to go live in Madden NFL 17’s Ultimate Team mode celebrates the athletes taking part in this years Super Bowl LI. Featuring players both past and present, the program features new cards, fresh solos and sets that appear not to expire until early March.

Promo Features

  • 2 Gold Super Bowl Player Packs
  • 37,500 Coins
  • 2 Contract Packs
  • 2 Gold Super Bowl Player Packs and 2 Super Bowl Past Packs
  • 24 new Solo Challenges, 12 scenarios against teams from Super Bowl’s past and 12 scenarios against the New England Patriots/Atlanta Falcons
  • 2 Super Bowl Present Packs
  • 2 Super Bowl Past Elite Packs would be earned by completing all 24 of the challenges.

The program also introduces new Chemistries. Super Bowl Past Chemistry requires 6 players. It provides +1 to Strength, Agility, Awareness, Carrying, Block Shedding, and Play Recognition. Super Bowl Present Chemistry also requires 6 players. However, it provides +1 to Agility, Acceleration, Awareness, Catching, Play Recognition, and Man Coverage.

11 new Sets are now active and offer the chance to trade in four Super Bowl Past Captains. Other sets have the opportunity to trade in Elite players towards a Past or Present Captain or Gold players towards an Elite player.

Several new card packs have been introduced as well.

The Super Bowl LI Pack goes for 200 Points or 15,000 Coins. ($2) – Includes:

  • A Super Bowl player Gold or Better
  • 2 Silver players
  • 3 Bronze players and 4 other items

Super Bowl Booster Packs are being sold for 500 Points ($5) – Includes:

  • Elite Super Bowl player
  • 3 Super Bowl Present players Gold or better and 1 other item

Super Bowl Past or Future Packs have a price of 60,000 Coins or 600 Points ($6) – Includes:

  • 3 Super Bowl Past/Present players Gold or better
  • 2 other Gold or better players
  • 3 Silver players and 2 other items.

Check out all the Super Bowl Past cards here and the Super Bowl Present cards here.

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