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Profootballtalk Attacked by Madden Fans for Fake News

Madden 18

Madden fans are a special group of people.

They can argue about the game for hours, but once someone with clearly little to no knowledge of the actual product comes in to attack it turns into a situation where enemies team up to battle a common foe.

That foe this time is Mike Florio of

Florio took to Twitter to bash Madden 18 for the price of the G.O.A.T. Edition that will run players $79.99 — unless you have Amazon Prime where you can get a 20% discount on the game. He made the claim that the only option for pre-ordering was the G.O.A.T Edition, which just isn’t the case whatsoever.

And fans — as well as Erika Mesola of EA Sports — were quick to point out his false narrative.

Florio immediately fought back regarding consumers having options by dropping a reference to NFL 2k5 — the last NFL game from the 2K brand. Of course, another fan was quick to point out that that’s just how the business is nowadays, though he did omit the upcoming NBA Live 18.

Nevertheless, the comments continued with people going after Florio about his claims that only the $79.99 version of the game was available to fans. It’s just proof that before you state something as fact, you may want to do your research.

If you want to know more about the new features for Madden 18, check out our full coverage that includes a breakdown of the teaser trailer as well as some in-depth details of the announced features.

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