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Skimbo Captures Third MCS Belt Winning The Madden 19 Classic

Madden 19 Skimbo

Saturday, Michael Skimbo (better known as “Skimbo”) captured the Madden Classic tournament championship, the second of four majors during the Madden NFL 19 competitive season. The tournament was held in Las Vegas, and Skimbo took home $25,000 along with the championship belt.

The path wasn’t easy, as Skimbo went through several of the top Madden pros. He defeated DntCareAboutIce, KillerMike, Prodigy, Drini, and MattsterGamer before outlasting LilMan, 28-21, in the final game.

This is Skimbo’s third overall MCS title and second Madden Classic title. He won the Madden 17 Bowl and the Madden 18 Classic. With three major championships, a legitimate case can be made to consider Skimbo the greatest of all time.

Noteworthy Performances

Problem lost in the round of 64 to YoungDogg, who made a surprising run through the tournament before losing to Drini in the round of 16.

The Madden Classic was played via regular teams, commonly referred to as “regs.” The Kansas City Chiefs were the most popular team used, followed by the New England Patriots. Tyreek Hill dominated for the entire tournament, using his 99 speed rating to consistently burn defenders at all levels of the defense.

You can check out the bracket for the Madden Classic here.

What did you think of the Madden 19 Classic? Is Skimbo the greatest Madden player of all time, or does that title still belong to Problem? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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