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Rob Gronkowski New Madden NFL 17 Cover Athlete

madden 17 cover athlete rob gronkowski

It’s that time of the year again, when EA Sports announces the cover athlete for Madden 17. This time they’re doing things a bit differently, and have opted to select the cover athlete themselves rather than submitting it to a vote for the fans to decide.

Earlier today we got a leak through the Xbox Store that suggested Rob Gronkowski would be gracing the cover this year, and it turns out that the Madden 17 cover athlete is indeed Rob Gronkowski.

Well, that’s anti-climactic. However, I’m sure that most football fans will agree that Gronkowski is a worthy pick for the Madden 17 cover athlete, especially since it’s something he’s been a contender for several times over now. Most recently he lost out to Odell Beckham Jr., but now it appears that the cover spot is finally his.

Well, better late than never. I was personally rooting for Cam Newton after his hopes were dashed with his loss at the Super Bowl earlier this year, but perhaps this is for the better. Sports games are known for the legend of their cover curses, after all. Just ask Conor Mcgregor and Ronda Rousey!

Either way, we’re excited to get our hands on Madden 17 when it launches, and we know you are too. What did you think of the Madden 17 cover athlete pick? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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