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Madden 15 Tips: Gun Normal HB WK

When a SIM player looks for tips on gameplay, the word that comes to mind is “Strategy.”  Those gimmicky, glitchy plays are a thing of the past, and quite unfashionable to be honest.  This is even more evident that we have truly become the coach of our own teams with custom playbooks remaining fully implemented.

Today we bring to you two nice shotgun plays, where both Man and Zone beaters are combined into the route set.

Set:  Gun Normal HB WK

Personnel:  3 WR, 1 TD, 1 RB


Play: Cowboys Shake


Man Reads: The initial read will always be the slot, as his shake-route is one of the more effective man-beaters in the game.  If the defense is playing man, he will be your guy.  Another thing to keep an eye on is the RB in the flat as the most commoin USER the LB approach on defense could leave this open in a man concept as well, and the best hot-read against a blitz.

Zone Reads: If zone is your initial reaction, you could still hit the slot, but a nice 20 yard gain could be picked up from the flanker on the right side with that skinny post.  A hard inside and down pass lead (while usering the WR) could get this done.  Also, if the defender USERS the FS and comes down hard on the shake route, then the Post to the left could be a viable option.


Play: Broncos FK Rub


Man Reads: The reads here are pretty similar to the Cowboys Shake route.  2 man-beaters are evident with the slot Trail-Action and the TE out-route.  The create major separation against CPU man-coverage.

Zone Reads: If zone is called, then you’ll have the flanker on the right with the post-action.  Look to Hot-Route this route however, calling a “Smart-Route” to make this action shorter.

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