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Top 10 Essential Madden Defensive Tips!


Here are the Top 10 essential Madden Defensive Tips that will apply to any year of madden on all skill levels or within any mode of the game you play. Make sure you checkout the instructional video below as well.

1. Setting the Edge on Defense- Outside contain (L2 + L1) to add contain to any defensive formation. Idealy you don’t want to have to blitz to stop the run as it can leave your defense vulnerable if you opponent passes.

2. Route recognition and user control– Practice controlling a linebacker or safety, the more you practice it the better you will begin to learn route combinations which will lead to more user picks!

3. Trust your defense – If your job on that play is the cover that area don’t go running out of it leaving that open for another route.

4. Blitzing- Even when blitzing I keep  the outside contain on. I pretty much outside contain every play as it help stop the outside run and keeps scrambling QBs in the pocket!

5. Always mix it up on defense– If you have your opponent guessing you are that much closer to shutting him down. Try to make all of your defense look alike or even better disguise them. Call cover 2 with the corners backed off like cover 4. Call cover 4 with the corners pressed. Mix it up and disguise!

6. Attack the ball- Don’t be afraid to jump a route where you think you opponent is throwing. Don’t get so far out of position you that you get burnt but if you see a route combination and you think that’s where he is going with the pass don’t be afraid to go after it!

7. Develop a scheme- I like to make my opponent work down the field Ii’m ok with giving up short yardage underneath I just won’t want to give up the big play down the field. But that’s MY style you make more of a high risk high reward blitz guy it’s all in how you play.

8. Player Position- Make sure your players are always in the best position. If a guy is not lined up properly move him! Depending on the rules of your league you may have to use a shift or man align to get him there but don’t leave a guy out of position that doesn’t have to be as any good offensive player will take advantage.

9. Ratings Matter- Scheme is more important than team but having great players helps. Anyone who says madden ratings don’t matter don’t have any idea what they are talking about. when you have a great dline and are able to simply crush the pocket with only a 4man rush it makes defense incredibly easier to play. The same way if you have a lockup corner you can leave on an island. Your scheme is #1 but great players allow you to be more versatile within that scheme.

10. Situational Football- Understand the situation and play accordingly. If you are up in 4th quarter and your opponent needs to cover a ton of ground don’t risk anything by sending a risky blitz, stay back and play smart!

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