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Top 10 Madden 18 Rookie Sleepers: Part 1

Madden 18

Every year in Madden we look forward to trying out our team’s first round picks and other guys around the league that we liked in college.

And every year there are the guys who aren’t as talked about mainly because they didn’t produce that well in school or was your squads 3rd 5th round pick that season. But some are destined for great things in the upcoming Madden for one reason or another and we’re going to point those guys out.

Here’s Part 1 of Sports Gamers Online Top 10 Madden 18 Rookie Sleepers

10. TE- Jonnu Smith (Tennessee Titans)
Height: 6-3
40 Time: 4.62
Vertical: 38 inches

Despite Smith being one of the most athletic tight ends in the draft, — not on Engram’s level, but he’s up there — the biggest knocks on him is his hands and route running ability. So he’ll be a super project for whoever gets him starting out just with crazy high athletic ratings.

9. CB- Shaquill Griffin (Seattle Seahawks)
Height: 6 ft.
40 Time: 4.38
Vertical: 38.5 inches

Griffin was drafted in the 3rd round by the Seattle Seahawks as the newest member of The Legion of Doom. (Do they still use that nickname?) He ran the 4th fastest 40 for cornerbacks at the combine at a 4.38 and had the 3rd highest vert, so his speed and jumping ability should be straight. In college, Griffin was known to be an aggressive corner, but lacks true coverage ability. So, like Smith, you’ll probably have to build up his smarts if you grab him in your franchise, but him being 6 feet, with 90+ projected speed and will give you a great starting point.

8. DE- Derek Rivers (New England Patriots)
40 Time: 4.61
3 Cone: 6.94

Rivers had the 4th highest 40 time for a defensive lineman at the combine and was a jack of all trades type of guy in college, on top of being a great athlete. So, we’re expecting 85+ speed and for his pass rush and block shed ratings to be in good shape come Madden 18.

7. LB- Tyus Bowser (Baltimore Ravens)
Height: 6-3
Bench Press: 21
3 Cone: 6.75
Vertical: 37.5 inches

If he ends up balling out in the league, expect to be reminded every time he plays like Gates and Tony Gonzalez were. that he’s a former basketball player. He’s also one of those guys you think shouldn’t be playing the position that he’s listed at because he’s so athletic.

But as a result, he’s going to get little boy’d (overwhelmed) a lot in the run game as an outside rusher and he won’t have many pass rush moves to start with, but since Bowser is 6-3, with a good 40 time, 3 cone and vertical. He has potential as an elite pass rusher or cover linebacker if you grab him in your franchise.

6. TE- Bucky Hodges (Minnesota Vikings)
Height: 6-6
40 Time: 4.57
Vertical: 39 inches

Hodges is a baby Jimmy Graham in the making. He’s 21, is 6-6, runs a 4.57 40 time and had a 39 inch Vert.OMG! I already expect his catch and blocking ratings to be in the 50’s, because how else can they neuter the overall of such a beast in training. I mean he’s wearing #84, it’s meant to be. Vikings please don’t cut him

Alright Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list so far and did I blow the cover on any of your potential franchise targets already? (Im sorry) and stay tuned for Part 2 of our top 10 Rookie Sleepers we’re we unveil who sits atop our rankings at number 1. So make sure you check back here so you don’t miss it!

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