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WATCH: JJ Watt Records Lines for Madden 21 in Saturday Night Live Skit

It’s Super Bowl weekend, and football players are all over the media landscape, including on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. And last night, JJ Watt was on SNL, where he and the comedy troupe had some time to make fun of the Madden franchise.

J.J. Watt on SNL

On Saturday Night Live last night, Texans DE JJ Watt was part of a skit where he was reading lines for Madden 21, and let’s just say the dialogue didn’t exactly fit. Check it out for yourself:


Let’s just hope Watt’s avatar in Madden 21 actually doesn’t look like that come August. For more Madden and gaming news, be sure to keep checking out the SGO site.

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Gibron Boone
2 years ago

that was funny