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Madden 17 Ultimate Team Most Needed Features

Madden 17 Ultimate Team

As a die hard Madden Ultimate Team fan, I like so many others are sucked into the vortex that is this game mode. Every time I log on I get on what we call the MUT grind and start buying, selling, and doing whatever I can to make sure I have the best team possible. After I get this team however, the options in the mode are somewhat limited.

You have the solo challenges, which get a tad old and repetitive that are used more just to gain coins than for the fun of them. We also have online seasons which are good because of the online component, but get you very little coins and oftentimes your opponent will quit before the game is over. This is why we need to be offered more, and I believe two new modes would completely put this game mode over the edge and make it the greatest sports game mode ever made.

  1. Tournaments

Does the team behind Madden simply not see the success that FIFA has had with their tournament modes? The idea of being able to put five thousand coins into a 10 person tournament and play your way to the finals just seems so incredibly fun to me. I would be willing to spare a few thousand coins for the challenge, and I feel it would make gameplay a more important factor in the race to get the best team! It could have buy ins that range from one thousand to one million so everyone is able to join no matter their team overall or coins.

2. Wager Matches

They say you gotta “risk it for the biscuit,” and like many other madden players, I play ultimate team just for the wager matches. In order to do this, the two opponents have to put trust in each other and pay each other after the game using methods like selling a bad player for the amount of the wager. This has led to the “welcher,” the guy who simply blocks his opponent after he loses, meaning the winner never gets the coins he agreed to play for. We need the Ultimate Team developers to integrate this to finally give us a fair way to wager on their mode.

In my opinion, these two things are what this mode is missing. It is already the most popular mode, but it would skyrocket if these two things were integrated. So if you agree, please share this article and hopefully we can see this in Madden 17.

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