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Which Version of Madden 18 Should You Buy?

Madden football has a long history of quality up-sells. Madden 09’s collectors’ edition featured NFL Head Coach 09 and a version of Madden NFL 93. Madden 25’s premium edition came with NFL Sunday Ticket, and this year is no different, involving incredible pack-ins and the ability to get Madden 18 early.

This year, Madden comes in two flavors. Madden 18 G.O.A.T Edition kicks off August 22nd – both digitally and at retail locations like Game Stop, costing 79.99 – a full 72 hours ahead of the ‘regular’ version’s release on the 25th. 

If you’re an EA Access member on Xbox One, you can start playing a timed, 10 hour trial on the 17th (there’s a discount, too). 

Still, you may think an extra 20 bucks to play a game a few days early is a little silly. And you’d be right – so of course there’s more. The G.O.A.T edition offers more than just early access. It’s Ultimate Team Steroids. If you plan to play MUT or MUT Squads (Madden 18’s Team Play) then the G.O.A.T edition is right for you.

Why? Because you get the following: 2 Elite Players (including Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, and more!) 12 Squad Packs, 2500 Contracts, a uniform pack, and more.

Which elites should you pick? Is the G.O.AT Edition for you? Checkout the video above for a detailed breakdown and answers to your questions. 

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