Franchise Hockey Manager 3 Update Released

Franchise Hockey Manager 3

A brand new update has been released for Franchise Hockey Manager 3, the hockey simulation game from Out of the Park Developments.

The update touches on a few things including the ability to edit shootout lineups during games, minor bug fixes, altered AI logic when it comes to starting backup goaltenders, and changes to the rosters in the OHL, among other things.

According to the announcement of the hotfix, the latest update is expected to be the final one for Franchise Hockey Manager 3.

The full patch updates can be found below courtesy of OOTP Developments.

-Fixed display error that showed the wrong tactical fit values on the Select Role screen for special teams.
-3-on-4 tactical roles (and scores) now shown for defencemen (had been blank.)
-Order of the logos on the momentum display is now correct, had been reversed
-For games that haven’t been played yet, the team schedule screen now shows ‘-‘ as the result instead of T
-Shootout list is now changeable by the user while games are underway
-If a player is injured and has to leave a game, his fitness will drop to 0% (mainly so there’s an easy indicator of which player you need to replace when you’re looking at the strategy screen)
-Fixed some small typos/text issues

Bug Fixes:
-Possible crash while viewing international tournament history fixed.
-Club logos no longer shown on the international teams stats screen for a particular tournament’s history (had been showing NHL/AHL/WHL teams)
-Tournament winner names now displayed correctly on the stats screen in international tournament history (had been showing NHL/AHL/WHL teams)
-All-Swedish Champions achievement fixed, wasn’t being recognized properly
-In international tournament history, the standings screens for individual years now sorts teams in proper order, was listing them randomly for some tournaments.
-Bug that could cause large fluctuations in international rankings after the first season fixed
-Database issue that caused “Jim Unknowns” to appear in recent draft histories fixed
-AI head coach will now use new goalie selection mode in GM-only games (had been leaving everything set to 0/minimum value and was always using the same starter)
-Newly-created staff will no longer get scouting regions that don’t match any of their nationalities

Simulation/Rule Changes:
-AI’s choices for the Backup start frequency rule will tend to give the starter more preference unless that ratings are extremely close.
-New injuries.txt file, fixes off-ice injuries that were mistakenly set to be allowed on-ice (no more dental surgery or dog attacks during games), and lowers frequency and duration of some injuries, mainly arm/shoulder-related ones
-Missing transfer deadline for Suomi-Sarja fixed
-Uncontracted under-20 players now have their rights set correctly during historical game setup (they were being left as UFA’s, they’ll now belong to the correct team)
-Fixed problem that was still allowing some players to avoid NHL entry-level contract rules
-Some 19-year-old CHL players were being sent to the minors by AI-run NHL teams instead of back to the CHL, fixed

Data Changes:
-OHL rosters overhauled to fix a large number of ratings issues and to reflect current season performances
-Continued adjustment of historical fighting ratings toned down to lower excessive penalty totals in some years in annual recalculation mode
-Added several later-round 2017 NHL draft prospects who weren’t in the database yet and upgraded the potential for some others who were on the Central Scouting mid-term rankings but were underrated in the game
-Swedish Division 2 rosters received large update
-National-team level players for non-major countries added/updated
-Large number of players who’ve been inactive for two or more years retired
-Various miscellaneous changes to other players, teams, and staff