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Everybody’s Golf Online Will Be Unplayable in September

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but If you have been enjoying Everybody’s Golf online, that time is about to end.

Starting September 30, 2022, players will no longer be able to access the online multiplayer modes in Everybody’s Golf. The following message will appear when accessing the popular golf page via the PlayStation store.

Online servers for Everybody’s Golf will shut down on 30th September 2022. All online features (including online multiplayer modes) will cease on that date. You will still be able to play and enjoy the game in single-player offline modes.

Fans of the golf game will not be able to play in Turf Mode, International Tournaments, and open-course exploration. You can also say goodbye to the game’s non-golfing activities, like fishing and swimming. However, you can still play the game’s single-player mode.

Goodbye Trophies

With Playstation’s announcement, Everybody’s Golf will lose the following trophies that players can achieve online.

  • Platinum Trophy – “Push it to the Limit!”
  • Gold Trophy – “Walking Encyclopaedia”
  • Bronze Trophy – “Online Debut”

Everybody’s Golf SGO Review

We reviewed Everybody’s Golf way back in 2017. While many people didn’t like the game straight out the box, we found it to be a good game for casual and hardcore golfers.

Catering to both the casual and simulation golfer, Everybody’s Golf strikes a nice balance of fun and challenge. There are plenty of things to keep you busy and the game is especially fun in couch co-op with friends. If you don’t mind the arcade graphics and presentation, Everybody’s Golf is sure to bring hours of fun and is a worthy successor to Hot Shots in every way.

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