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Nintendo Announces Mario Golf Super Rush For Switch

Generally, Nintendo Directs don’t offer much in terms of sports games. Occasionally we see some indie darlings, like the announcement for Big Rumble Boxing. Rarely are there big first-party Nintendo announcements for sports games. Which is why I am one of the few people excited about today’s Nintendo Direct. For the first time since 2003, Nintendo is releasing a new Mario Golf game on a home console: Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is the first Mario Golf game for a non-handheld console announced in 18 years. The last one, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, was on the Nintendo GameCube. Two games (Mario Golf: Advance Tour and Mario Golf: World Tour) have since come out on Nintendo hand-helds, but the experience just isn’t the same. Nearly two decades later, we’ll finally get some non-Wii Sports golf gameplay. Though, if you do miss the feeling of playing Wii Golf, Mario Golf: Super Rush brings back the motion controls you’ve been craving.

Naturally, the title returns to the classic Mario Golf gameplay. Which is great, by the way. The trailer announced two very exciting modes for Super Rush: the return of Story mode, and the introduction of Speed Golf.

Mario Golf: Super Rush – Story Mode

Golf games tend to become great RPGs. It’s hard to explain, but a good Golf RPG just hits right. Previous Mario Golf games, like Mario Golf: Advance Tour, had really great story modes. I’m hoping that Super Rush is the same. The game’s story mode lets you play as your own Mii, and customize your character as you complete training courses and events. Earn points to increase your characters’ stats, like Power and Speed.

Wait… speed? In a golf game?

The Need For Speed – Speed Golf

The second mode the trailer introduces is Speed Golf. In Speed Golf, up to four players will all take the course at the same time. Everyone tees off together, and it becomes a race not only to get the lowest score, but also to finish the course the fastest. This mode looks like a lot of fun, and is yet another Nintendo spin on the Battle Royale phase. You’ll be able to play your custom Mii golfers in these modes, as well as online.

Mario Golf Speed Rush
Look at Wario’s outfit. What a powerful flex.

Overall, this is a great looking addition to an all-time great franchise. I couldn’t be more excited to dive back into another Mario Golf game. Also, Bowser wears pants in this one. We love a well-dressed Dad.

Mario Golf: Super Rush comes out on the Nintendo Switch one June 25, 2021.

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