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PGA Tour 2K21 Career Mode Trailer Breakdown

PGA Tour 2K21

Today, we got a trailer for the career mode of PGA Tour 2K21.

Now, this trailer comes just a couple days after the reveal of the game’s full roster of PGA Tour Pros which will all present a challenge in one way or another for your player within the mode. But what exactly does the game’s latest trailer show us that we may or may not have already known?

Right off the bat we get what appears to be a preview of commentary from Luke Elvy in the game. Based on what’s said and how it’s said, it’s obvious that there were lines recorded specifically for the game’s career mode, and this likely won’t be a representation of how the commentary will be from Elvy  throughout the game. It also could be fair to assume that what’s being played was recorded just for this video, and not what’s actually said in the game.

Next we get a look at the cosmetic changes you’ll be able to make to your MyPlayer, including the GREATEST PAIR OF PANTS I’ve ever laid my eyes on. You can even dress your golfer in a hoodie and beanie which, as someone who golfs regularly, isn’t comfortable or relaxing to wear while swinging a club.

After looking at the clothing, we then get our first look at club upgrades. This is where we get something big that we haven’t had much of throughout the series, clubs impacting attributes. As you can see, some clubs can improve distance control while reducing your shot distance whereas others can help your Swing Plane while limiting nearly everything else.

What’s also noticed is that there are at least five different tiers of clubs that are represented by colors: Grey, Blue, Bronze, Purple and Gold. It’s unclear based on what we say what each tier matches what color, but it’s obvious that clubs improve as you level up to unlock them. 

Sticking with clubs, we get a look at some of the club brands you’ll be able to unlock like Wilson, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Callaway, and Ben Hogan.

From the clubs, we get a look at the Tour you’ll be a part of in your career, the Korn Ferry Tour which appears to be the starter tour you’ll be on when you get your career off the ground.

Now, circling back to commentary that we hear. Throughout the trailer the player being shown often gets referred to as “Mac.” With this being a 2K Sports game, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that that’s the name that your custom player is called during the mode. After all, this is the same studio that gave your MyPlayer great nicknames like Pres and Freq.

As far as the courses shown, there’s nothing new to report here as we’re shown the same ones we’ve seen in other trailers and screenshots released thus far. The game will feature 15 officially licensed PGA Tour courses, but, so far, we know of just nine of them in the game.

When it comes to playing against the pros, all the promotion of the game to this point has been about them presenting challenges in the mode. There’s been no word on if they just happen to be part of the tournaments you take part in, or if they will only appear at specific points as you move up the ranks and advance your career.

And lastly, it’s a quick montage of the various looks you can give your custom golfer — both male and female — for the mode.

PGA Tour 2K21 launches August 21 for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

What do you think of the career mode trailer for PGA Tour 2K21? Are you looking for to it? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more on PGA Tour 2K21.

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