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Watch The Golf Club 2 E3 Preview Trailer

The Golf Club 2

With E3 happening in less than a week, everyone is hyped to hear the latest about their most anticipated new releases and sequels. While most fans have to continue waiting to learn more, HB Studios just released a preview video for The Golf Club 2.

For those unaware, The Golf Club is a game that puts a focus on creating, sharing, and playing new and interesting golf courses created by players. Originally released in 2014, The Golf Club received positive reviews from fans while getting more mixed reviews from critics.

The Golf Club 2 is looking to build on its strengths and fix the weaknesses of its predecessor.

The developers at HB Studios promise to expand both its single player and multiplayer gameplay. In the single player career mode, you’ll create your own golfer, join a club, and work your way up from low-level tournaments to golfing alongside the top competitors. Difficulty naturally increases as you play against more skilled opponents, but that’s not all that changes. The money you win from gigs allows you to join bigger and more prestigious clubhouses, but the clubhouse mechanic doesn’t end in the single player mode.

You’ll be able to join up to five societies, and your primary society will be the one listed as you compete online and show up on the leaderboard. But the societies aren’t all premade. You can create your own society and recruit other players online to join in. Society creation also allows you to make your own logo, giving your society a look all its own.

Having a society doesn’t have to be as simple as having an in-game friends list. You can compete against other societies and bet virtual currency on who will be victorious. Your society can also host online tournaments where other players have to pay to compete for the prize pool. As your society gains more attention and money from member fees and tournaments, you can upgrade your clubhouse and run even bigger tournaments.

If you are one of the people that made one or more of the 150,000 courses created for The Golf Club, or if you had a few favorite courses, then you’ll be happy to know that all courses from The Golf Club can be imported to The Golf Club 2. And if you want to make some adjustments to your courses, you can use the new course creation features to make them even better. On top of the suite of normal terrain-driven choices, you can make for your golf course, some of the new features include adding crowds, camera towers, multi-level water features, and clubhouses.

Another enhancement is the tempo swing mechanic. By using the analog stick, you can have more precise control over your golf swing, allowing more focused and practiced players to gain a skill-based edge on the competition.

The game also offers three different club sets, offering the player a tradeoff of having clubs that grant them a greater distance and control at the cost of being less forgiving.

The Golf Club 2 will be available June 27, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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