Feb 18, 2021
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Greatest Sports Video Game Tournament: Second Round Voting

Greatest Sports Video Game Second Round

After an exciting first round of voting, the second round is here to determine the greatest sports video game of all time.

Round one had some major upsets like the 14-seed Mario Kart 8 Deluxe taking out 3-seed Super Mega Baseball 2 while #7 Out of the Park Baseball 20 just pulled past #10 Golden Tee in the closest first-round contest.

But that’s in the past, and it’s time to move on to round two.



NES Region

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[poll id=”70″]

[poll id=”71″]

[poll id=”72″]

Genesis Region

[poll id=”73″]

[poll id=”74″]

[poll id=”75″]

[poll id=”76″]

PlayStation Region

[poll id=”77″]

[poll id=”78″]

[poll id=”79″]

[poll id=”80″]

Xbox Region

[poll id=”81″]

[poll id=”82″]

[poll id=”83″]

[poll id=”84″]


  • First Round — Friday, March 13 — Sunday, March 15
  • Round of 32 — Monday, March 16 — Wednesday, March 18
  • Sweet 16 — Thursday, March 19 — Saturday, March 21
  • Elite 8 — Sunday, March 22 — Tuesday, March 24
  • Final 4 — Wednesday, March 25 — Friday, March 27
  • FINALS — Saturday, March 28 — Monday, March 30

Make your voices heard, and help decide the greatest sports video game of all time.

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