Hands down, the very best Xbox 360 and PS3 game of the last  generation was GTA 5If you’re like me, you’ve previously spent countless hours in the world of GTA 5 with your close friends. But after the new consoles came out — the Xbox 1 and PS4 — GTA 5 was placed on the back burner and forgotten about. Now, Rockstar Video games will release a GTA 5 PS4 version and Xbox One version, bringing with it a lot of distinct upgrades.

Today Rockstar exposed one of these upgrades is the addition of a very first-person mode, which is a 1st for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The developer released a gameplay video showcasing the new mode.

The Xbox One and PS4 edition of GTA 5 is set to be launched on November 18.



Looks like a great addition. I skipped this on last gen so look forward to picking this up! Any of you guys double dipping on GTA 5?