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The Golf Club 2019 Announced, Trailer Released

The Golf Club VR

Canadian developer HB Studios isn’t asking people to wait nearly as long for a follow-up to The Golf Club 2 as it did between the 2014 original and last year’s sequel.

The company has announced that The Golf Club 2019 will be released in Q3 of this year, while giving fans a sneak peek at what to expect from their newest golf simulation in the form of a couple of videos (including a teaser trailer) and a host of details on how the game has been improved from last year. These changes include everything from updated course and player customization to new multi-player game modes to general graphical enhancements.

Answering the community’s call for more online functionality and variety in game options, The Golf Club 2019 will add the ability to play skins matches with 3-4 players while having you wager virtual currency on the results. For those looking for something a little more cooperative, there’s also a new Alt-shot mode that will have you team up with a friend to alternate shots on the course and see how you stack up against other tandems. Even the single player career mode is touted as being deeper and more challenging this year.

While The Golf Club 2 already boasted an impressive course creator, The Golf Club 2019 promises to build further on that foundation by making the process more streamlined. There’s also an emphasis on giving aspiring designers the chance to be a little more ambitious by including things like buildings, skyscrapers and over 400 props on courses that can then be shared cross-platform. These expanded customization options extend to created players as well, where you can now adjust height and weight while choosing from a variety of different outfits, club heads and head and facial hair options.

But there are also plenty of changes to be found once you’re out on those courses as well, with game-play being refined to add better physics and ground effects that should allow the ball to move and react to different surfaces in a more realistic manner. A new swing feedback system will provide more detailed analysis on what went right (or more likely, wrong) in your shot using three separate categories. And of course, there’s the usual expectation of better graphics and presentation that always accompanies an updated title like this.

Have a look at the official videos below and see how Golf Club 2019 has been crafted to be superior to its predecessor in every way.


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