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EA Announces “Stache Pack” for NHL 17

To commemorate the unofficial holiday that has become known as Movember, EA Sports has released a new card pack in a sport forever notorious for their facial hair.

NHL 17 has a two day promotional pack for Hockey Ultimate Team named the Stache Pack. This pack features an increased chance of getting receiving a Movember collectible, a Movember player, or a Super Gold Rare player. On top of these bonuses, the pack features two guaranteed Super Gold Rare players.

NHL Movember

Whether you are growing out your Movember fur or not, you should definitely be picking up this pack for your team. As with all limited edition packs, this one is limited to 10 packs per user, and this one will only be available until Tuesday, November 22nd. Get yours now and avoid the close shave at the midnight hour.

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