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NHL 18 Ratings – Top 10 Left Wings

NHL 18 Ratings - Top 10 Left Wings

We here at Sports Gamers Online continue our NHL 18 Player Ratings reveal with the Top 10 Left Wingers.

You can catch the official blog here.

Gabriel Landeskog – 85 overall

Landeskog is a offensive threat every time he’s on the ice with his 4.5-star ratings in Puck Skills, Shooting and Skating. He’s coming into NHL 18 with a 4.5 star rating in Physical as well, highlighted by an 89 Strength rating and an 87 rating in Aggressiveness. He sports an 87 in Body Checking showing off that this offensive play maker can get his hands dirty on the defensive end as well.

Eric Staal – 85 overall

Eric Staal combines his 4.5-star Puck Skills with his near 90’s rating in Offensive Awareness. He’s set to always make “the right plays” when on the ice and will be able to bury the occasional shot with his 85+ ratings in every shooting category. Then when you consider his 89 Defensive Awareness combined with 88 Stick Checking, Staal is the perfect lead by example player.

Filip Forsberg – 86 overall

As far as offensive wizards go, you won’t get far before you mention Filip Forsberg. The 23-year old starts NHL 18 with 4.5- start ratings in Puck Skills, Shooting, Skating and Senses. Highlighted by 91 Deking and Puck Control to get through heavy traffic. This is in addition to an 89+ Slap/Wrist Shot…Power/Accuracy to give you a greater chance of burying the shot home.

Artemi Panarin – 86 overall

The newest Columbus Blue Jacket can probably pass and shoot with his eyes closed. Panarin sports a 5-star Puck Skills and Shooting aided by among the best deking skills in the game with his 93 rating. He also has 92 passing, 92 Puck Control, 91 Slap Shot and 92 Wrist Shot accuracy. He’s somebody you’re always going to have to account for when he’s on the ice.

Max Pacioretty – 87 overall

The Montreal Canadians captain has a taste for 30+ goal seasons and you’ll be able to recreate that in NHL 18 with his 4.5 Star Shooting, Skating, Puck Skills and Senses abilities. You will find it tough to keep Pacioretty out of the slot with his 89 Deking and Puck Control. He can then let off his 90+ Wrist Shot Accuracy/Power on helpless Goaltenders.

Johnny Gaudreau – 87 overall

Whoever created the saying “sometimes big things come in small packages” was probably referring to Johnny Gaudreau. The 5-9 Forward, despite his size, will have 5-Star Puck Skills, Skating and Senses. He can make even the biggest of defensemen look silly with his ridiculous 95 Deking and sprinter esque speed of 93 and 94 acceleration. Once you get your hands on him you can contain him. That’s if you get you’re hands on him.

Brad Marchand – 87 overall

One of the best 2 Way Forwards in the league, Brad Marchand brings 5-Star Shooting and sniper like accuracy with his 91 Slap Shot Accuracy. He also has 92 Wrist Shot Accuracy with a 4.5 Physical rating allowing him to create some amazing shifts when he’s on the ice for the Boston Bruins.

Taylor Hall – 87 overall

Taylor Hall is probably one of the last players you want to see running a break. The former number one pick will have you clutching the controller tightly every time. Whether it’s from his 5-Star Shooting or his elite speed that allows him to get behind any defender he pleases. You must take the perfect angles and play stout defense to prevent Hall from lighting up the scoreboard.

Jamie Benn – 90 overall

Jamie Benn is the type of player you hate to go against. He combines an elite Slap Shot and Wrister. If you let him get off clean, you better brace yourself. With 92 Puck Control, 90 Strength and Balance, allowing him to stay up and control the puck against even the most intimating of defenders can cost you the game.

Alex Ovechkin – 92 overall

One of the best scorers in NHL history is back again to cause us all pain and misery. Ovechkin has the usual 5-star rating in Puck Skills, Shooting, Skating, Senses and Physical making him one of the true superstars in the game. How many people can use their 94 Strength and 91 Body Checking to send you flying into the board? Ovechkin will utilize his 90 speed to outrace the competition and bury a shot pass the goaltender with his 94+ Slapshot or Wrister. Ovechkin is as unique as they come and strikes pure fear as soon as he raises his stick.

NHL 18 is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 15th.

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