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NHL 19 To Get Big Changes To Club Challenges Post Launch

NHL 19

EA Sports announced today that NHL 19‘s Club Challenges for EASHL will be available via online patch in early-October, not on release day.

NHL 19 Club Changes

EA attributes this to the fact that with the new World of CHEL required the developers to perform a code rebuild. Unfortunately, it could not be completed in time for release.

The previous Club Challenges system, according to EA, was “very restrictive.” The developers wanted to improve upon it in order to give players more control to set up games with friends. “We will continue to work on improving the Club Challenge feature to allow you more freedom and customization when you are creating a challenge match,” EA wrote in an article on their website.

What to Expect

Club Challenges will used a password-based system. Players can create a lobby and a password. The password can then be shared with other gamers in order to gain access to the lobby. From there, players can then select sides and match up with other players who can access to the lobby.

In addition, the Challenge feature can be used in EASHL games, tournaments, leagues, and will also be available for use in EASHL Club 6’s, Club 3’s, and NHL THREES Drop-In.

You can read more about the new implementations here.

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