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NHL 19 First Details Released

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After months of anticipation, EA Sports has released the first details for the upcoming release of NHL 19.

Based on the initial announcements seems like NHL 19 is getting a completely revamped “Be-A-Pro”-like mode that starts you out on the ponds instead of in the Memorial Cup Showcase like year’s past.

There’s a lot to break down so let’s get right into the action with something the NHL series as sorely needed: new animations.

Real Player Motion Technology

New to NHL 19 is an animation technology called Real Player Motion. RPM will allow NHL 19 to use better skating animations to delivery a more authentic feel. The last time EA addressed their skating engine was in NHL 17 with the True Performance Skating tagline.

Through this RPM Tech, NHL 19 is going to give players more control over their player, a faster sense of acceleration and responsiveness unseen in any of the NHL entries. EA Sports has also revealed that NHL 19 is getting a new collision physics system. This, coupled with the Real Player Motion technology, promises to give players the feel of being a bonafide checking machine on the ice.

Meager Beginnings

When you were a kid on the pond, who did you replicate? Mario Lemieux? Wayne Gretzky? Sidney Crosby? NHL 19 is bringing you back to that time of youthful bliss when you freely skated on the pond and shot into nets or barrels turned onto their side.

For the first time ever, EA Sports isn’t placing you in the Memorial Cup tournament but instead on the pond as your work your way to the NHL Hall of Fame.

Customizations A-plenty

One thing missing from the NHL series was feeling like your player was a representation of you. Well, my friends, that is no longer an issue with NHL 19. EA Sports has revealed that NHL 19 boasts over 900(!) customizations and for the first time includes lifestyle gear and clothing. EA Sports has announced new hoodies, jackets, parkas and knits frame hockey lifestyle brands as well as some unique custom designs. These customizations should keep your looking and feeling fresh when you’re on the pond or away from the ice.

Legends Way

Ever wonder what it would be like if Evgeni Malkin and Wayne Gretzky played together? With NHL 19, you no longer have to just daydream. EA Sports has announced that they’re bringing over 200 legends to NHL 19, including “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky. With the use of “Hero Teams”, you’ll be able to mix legends from the current and previous eras of hockey in single player or multiplayer.

NHL 19 will be available on September 14, 2018 for Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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