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NHL 19 Hockey Ultimate Team Details

NHL 19

With the upcoming release of NHL 19 comes some news on their moneymaker, Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). If you’ve never experienced HUT before, it is akin to all the other Ultimate Team modes in other games. You build your Ultimate team through challenges, packs and tournaments.

EA has dropped some information on NHL 19’s HUT mode and we’re going to bring you all of the wonderful details. First, we’re going to go over what’s new and then we’ll touch on the rebalancing that EA has done from previous years.


NHL 19 will see 140+ NHL Alumni Player Items in this year’s version of HUT. The cool thing about this year’s version of NHL Alumni Player Items is that they’ll range from fan favorites to the best of the best to local legends. They’ll be available in packs that contain the prospect of a gold player item.

30 alumni players will be available throughout the year in regular store packs. The rest of the group will be released in waves. They may be in packs or as special rewards for things like tournament wins or where you are in the standings when a competitive season ends.

You can also obtain legends in four ways:

  1. Sets
  2. Monthly Collectibles
  3. Milestones
  4. Legend Packs

There will be 32 legends available at launch in sets. 30 of them will be regular legends and two will be 99 overall ultimate legends which includes Wayne Gretzky.

To obtain the 30 regular legends from sets, you’ll have to obtain the base Alumni Players Item via pulling it from a pack or purchasing it at the Auction House and then upgrading it three times through legend sets. You upgrade the Alumni version by trading the base version and a gold or carbon collectible.

Doing this will earn you an untradeable legend collectible. You will then use these legend collectibles to complete the ultimate legend set. Every ultimate legend set requires you to trade in 45 legend collectibles but will give you a 99 overall ultimate legends player item.

EA as assured that base Alumni Player Items for those legends will always be available via packs.

The second method is monthly collectibles. You can obtain these legends by completing all of your daily objectives and through your daily log-in pack. Playing HUT every day will mean that you’ll be able to earn a new legend each month until April 2019.

Thirdly, milestones have 7 legends you can obtain as a reward. To do this, you’ll have to complete in-game tasks like scoring goals, completing sets, taking shots, and more. While progressing through the milestone, you’ll earn a loan time of the legend. This loaned legend’s overall will increase the closer you are to completing that set.

Lastly are legend packs. You’ll be able to buy legend packs which guarantees you a random legend card.

Loan Players

Loan players were mentioned within milestones. As you complete your milestones, you’ll get a loaned legend. What this means is that you’ll get a card for a certain amount of time (or games, but it is not specified in the deep dive) and the ability to see where they slot on your team.

After a certain amount of time (or games), your loan will expire and you can purchase the player from the Auction House.

This seems like a good way to figure out which legend or elite players will work well in your system and which you can pass on.


EA has also thrown some rebalances our way when it comes to HUT. A big change is going to be lower overalls. Base items will now launch from 50-85 overall with a couple exceptions being alumni and legend items.

Player rarity is getting a change as well. Instead of which league the player is involved in to determine their gold, silver or bronze rarity, it will now be based on overall. Per EA:

  • 50-55 OVR = Bronze Common
  • 56-61 OVR = Bronze Rare
  • 62-67 OVR = Silver Common
  • 68-73 OVR = Silver Rare
  • 74-79 = Gold Common
  • 80+ = Gold Rare

Packs are also getting a much-needed change as well. This year, you’ll be able to find cards like gold rare in bronze packs and bronze items in gold packs. The difference here will be the probability between the packs.

EA is stating that packs are getting different price points as well but has failed to tell us what those price points are. There will also be packs containing player items only which will be available regularly.

Consumable have been tweaked as well. Instead of multiple contract cards, there will be one standard (10 game card) and now there is only one healing item (3 games, any injury). There will be a gold contract pack available in the HUT store.

Single player seasons are getting moved into a new set of HUT challenges as well.

There you have it. This is everything you can expect in NHL 19’s Hockey Ultimate Team mode.


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