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NHL 20 Beta Confirmed, First Details Included

Today, EA Sports released another edition of CHEL Notes for NHL 20. In today’s entry, EA officially confirmed and revealed the first details of the open beta for NHL 20, which releases on September 13 for Xbox One and PS4. Here is a complete breakdown of today’s CHEL Notes.


While EA announced that there is officially a beta coming for NHL 20, they didn’t say when it would drop. The only indication players have is EA saying it’s “coming soon.”

The biggest takeaway from today’s notes is that the beta is a pure work in progress. The NHL 20 beta was “cut” eight weeks ago, meaning players will get a version of NHL 20 from late May in the beta.

Per EA, “Some of our new gameplay features were not fully ready to be included in the beta build, so we want to share important context around the gameplay experience you will be playing in the beta, specifically in comparison to where we are now and what will be in the final game.”

This essentially means that some parts of the game will be broken during the beta.

One of the most anticipated new features for NHL 20 is the new shooting system. However, this area is not close to what it will be when the game officially releases. According to EA, “Players may also notice inconsistencies in areas like ideal shot selection (e.g. reaching shots/getting jammed up unnecessarily/odd rotations), shot power, and shot release angles.”

All-new explosive transitions will be in good form for the beta. Skaters will now maintain speed with control, without losing momentum, when receiving the puck. This could be picking up a loose puck, receiving a pass or following a deke.

Goalie intelligence is vastly improved in NHL 20. “Players will see new goalie animations for controlled saves, covers, and redirects in the beta. With new goalie intelligence updates, goalies will have also more tools at their disposal to eliminate threats,” EA said in today’s notes.

The new goalie intelligence, like many of the features in the beta, will not be fully polished or finished.

You can read more about the NHL 20 CHEL notes here.

What do you think about these notes for the upcoming NHL 20 beta? Do you plan to play the beta and/or buy the game in September? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO on YouTube.

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Jason L Holt
2 years ago

Improved AI & improved goalie overall functionality??? Have we not heard this for what six/seven years now please !!!