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NHL 20: First Details on Game Revealed, Including New Hockey Ultimate Team and World of CHEL Features

The countdown to NHL 20 is on, as not only did we find out that Maple Leafs centre Auston Matthews will be on the cover, but we also have first details on the upcoming game.

First NHL Details

NHL 20 will feature a brand new broadcast package, with new on-screen graphics, fresh play-by-play commentary, and a new scoreboard graphic. Take a look at some of the new graphics:

NHL 20 will feature RPM-tech powered gameplay according to EA, as players will not only look more realistic, but the game will also have over 45 more contextual shot animations to make shooting more realistic.

By adding RPM-tech to the game, players will also be able to execute passes, puck pickups, and shots without sacrificing speed. This, in turn, should create a smoother and faster pace to the game.

As for Hockey Ultimate Team, squad battles are coming to NHL 20. The new feature, which has already been in FIFA‘s Football Ultimate Team mode, will be an offline mode where gamers can earn rewards defeating special teams constructed by musicians, NHL players, and athletes from other sports. In addition, new legends will be added to HUT.

World of CHEL will also get an upgrade, as gamers can now play in local multiplayer on NHL ONES. The developers will also be introducing a new “Eliminator” mode to NHL ONES and NHL THREES, as up to 81 gamers will face each other in a survival tournament bracket.

New CHEL challenges will also be introduced, as there will be weekly in-game events across all NHL 20 game modes, where gamers can unlock new customization items (over 2,000 items will be in the game according to EA) and gain XP.

NHL 20 is now available for pre-order, and gamers who pre-order it before July 18 receive a cover athlete choice pack, five World of CHEL bags, up to ten HUT packs, and three days of early access to the game. NHL 20 will release on September 13.

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