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NHL 20: Five HUT Forwards You Must Have

Hockey Ultimate Team can be a tough mode to navigate, as there’s many different players to add, and you may not be sure what synergies should be active. We here at SGO will try to help you with that, as we’re going to go over what HUT cards in NHL 20 you should have on your team, whether you’re just starting out or you are a seasoned veteran.

Top HUT Forwards

This list will be a mix of lower-rated and higher-rated cards, as basically all base cards at this point of the game are easily attainable. The trick, however, is trying to add the right players.

The reason for this is because of synergies, as active synergies give players a ratings boost. These boosts could be player-based (only affect the players with that synergy) or team-based (active synergies affect the entire team, regardless of synergy). This list will help you pick out which players you should add, not just based off of their stats, but also by synergy.

With that said, let’s look at which five players you should add to your squad:

Brian Boyle

Team: Florida Panthers

Position: C

OVR: 79

Synergy: Sustained Pressure

Panthers centre Brian Boyle is the first player on our list. Boyle may not be the typical player you would target, given that he is one of the slower forwards that you would find in NHL 20 (83 Speed). Still, Boyle can add quite a bit of value to your HUT team. First off, Boyle has an 80 faceoff rating, which is a bit above-average for a center in NHL 20. In addition, Boyle’s large frame means he can be a wrecking ball in you want to play a strong checking game.

But Boyle’s real value comes because of his synergy. The Panthers centreman adds one point to your team for the “Sustained Pressure” synergy, which is a team synergy that gives your whole squad a +3 boost to the speed, passing puck control and durability ratings. So while Boyle may not be the best overall player to add, he can be a great add to your bottom-six, and help you activate a valuable team synergy.

Anthony Beauvillier

Team: New York Islanders

Postion: C

OVR: 79

Synergy: Sustained Pressure

Islanders centreman Anthony Beauvillier is the next player on our list. Like Brian Boyle, Beauvillier adds one point to your team for the “Sustained Pressure” synergy. If you’re just starting to build a team, having that synergy active can be a huge boost. Outside of his synergy, Beauvillier can add quite a bit to your team, as his skating stats (87 Speed, 87 Acceleration) are good enough to help you score off the rush and keep up with the opposing team. However, given some of his underlying attributes, he should only be used as a bottom-six forward.

Nicklas Backstrom

Team: Washington Capitals

Position: C

Overall: 82

Synergy: Magician

Next up on the list is Capitals centre Nicklas Backstrom. Unlike Boyle and Beauvillier, Backstrom has the “Magician” synergy. The “Magician” synergy is a player-based synergy that gives players a +4 bonus to faceoffs and stick checking. For defensive and possession-minded players, activating this synergy can be a major asset so you can win possession of the puck and force turnovers.

Synergies aside, Backstrom’s attributes are the main reason why he should be a “must-add” to your squad. With 90 Speed, 87 Passing, a solid shot, and a low price (about 1K), he would be a great option for your team down the middle.

Brayden Point

Team: Tampa Bay Lightning

Position: C

Overall: 83

Synergy: X-Factor

Next up on our list is Lightning forward Brayden Point. Point’s base card has the “X-Factor” synergy, a player-based synergy that gives a +2 to players’ Speed, Agility, Slap Shot Power and Wrist Shot Power. The “X-Factor” synergy need six points to activate, but it can be a great way to give players a much-need boost to skate pass players and blow shots by the opposing team.

Point is one of the fastest base cards in the game, thanks to his 90 Speed, 92 Acceleration and 92 Agility. Point’s shooting attributes are in the mid-80’s, and he’s also surprisingly  durable despite his physical attributes (5’10” and 166 lbs.). And considering he has an 80 Faceoff rating, he could be a fit on the wing or a centreman.

Alexander Ovechkin

Team: Washington Capitals

Position: LW

Overall: 86

Synergy: X-Factor

Last up on our list is Washington Capitals LW Alexander Ovechkin. Ovechkin differs from the rest of the players on this list thanks to his high rating and price. While the four players we mentioned are in the 79-83 OVR range, Ovechkin has an 86 OVR, tied for fourth-highest among gold base cards. And because he’s a very popular player in the NHL, he’s also one of the most expensive base cards (anywhere from 30-40K). Despite that price, Ovechkin is definitely worth the addition.

Just like Point, Ovechkin has the “X-Factor” synergy. Ovechkin already has an impressive shot in this game, as his shooting attributes are in the high-80’s (88 Slap Shot Accuracy and Power, 87 Wrist Shot Accuracy and Power). Activating the “X-Factor” synergy gives his already strong shot even more power to it. And his size (6’3” and 235 lbs.), along with his speed (88 Speed, but can be as high as 93 with “X-Factor” and “Sustained Pressure” activated) can make him an unstoppable force for your squad.

Those are our five forwards you must have in Hockey Ultimate Team. Stay tuned to SGO, as we’ll have more more HUT tips for you.

Credit to HUTDB for NHL 20 Ratings

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