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NHL 20 Gameplay Trailer: What’s New & Different

EA Sports dropped the Official Gameplay Trailer for NHL 20 on Tuesday. The trailer focuses on the improvements to RPM Tech system introduced in NHL 19, dubbed RPM Tech 2.0 for this year’s installment.

What’s Different

The trailer lists how RPM Tech 2.0 will “use the same cutting edge technology to deliver RPM Tech benefits to the stick, resulting in unprecedented improvements to shooting, puck pick-ups, upper and lower body fluidity, and goaltender animation.”

  • Signature Shots: The introduction of “signature shots” is a new addition to a complete overhaul of shots in NHL 20. The trailer shows Auston Matthews, P.K. Subban, and Alex Ovechkin’s unique shots as the example of this.
  • Contextual Shots: Contextual shots will allow players to take more realistic shots given the distance from the net as well as puck placement from a pass or off a deke. This means a player will react to a perfect or imperfect pass resulting differences of power and accuracy as such.
  • Explosion Transitions: RPM Tech 2.0 brings an improved puck pick-up system allowing players to take a pass in stride while anticipating turns rather than locking in glides and losing speed/
  • Intelligent Saves: Goalies in NHL 20 will have more control over their saves. Rather than allow a soft rebound, goalies will now either control the puck or deflect it away given the shot. The AI for goalies will keep them aware of scoring threats on the ice and will prepare and position themselves to combat those threats.

What do you think about these gameplay details for NHL 20? Do you think this will lead to more realistic gameplay in this year’s installment of NHL? Let us know in the comment section below!

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