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NHL 20: Hockey Ultimate Team Details Have Been Released

With the NHL 20 beta in full swing, we have some details on what will be coming to the marquee mode of the game, Hockey Ultimate Team. This year, HUT will feature many of the same game features, along with some new content.

What’s coming back to HUT?

Essentially all of the current features in Hockey Ultimate Team will be returning to NHL 20, as HUT will feature an assortment of offline and online features for players. For offline play, gamers can play exhibition games against the CPU, as well as challenge the current Team of the Week. Gamers can also participate in HUT Challenges, where players can earn either in-game currency or cards for their team.

For online play, essentially all of the features from NHL 19 will return as well. Gamers can compete against their friends in 1-on-1 play, as well as in co-op. Online Seasons and Draft Champions will return to NHL 20, as well.

HUT Competitive Seasons and HUT Champions will also make their return in NHL 20. Gamers can compete in each and climb the online leaderboards, as well as earn prizes to boost their HUT squad.

What’s new to HUT?

The major addition to Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL 20 is Squad Battles. Squad Battles, which has been a part of FIFA‘s Football Ultimate Team, will now be in HUT. Squad Battles will be an offline mode that features custom teams created by celebrities, athletes, as well as influences from around the world. Gamers can compete against these teams to earn rewards for their squad. On the EA Sports website, the NHL team wrote regarding Squad Battles, “Squad Battles introduces a brand new way to compete, earn and collect your dream team as you take on the best teams assembled by the biggest names in sports and entertainment.”

It appears that as of now, this will be the only major addition to Hockey Ultimate Team this year. And while it’s good to see more additions to the mode, it’s somewhat disappointing that this seems to be it. Additions such as customizable logos and jerseys, as well as a “NHL Threes”-like mode where players play 3-on-3 hockey with their HUT squads could have put some new life in a mode that may be getting a bit stale.

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