Feb 18, 2021
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NHL 21 Closed Beta Details Unveiled

NHL 21

After some understandable delays, EA is finally giving us the date of the NHL 21 closed beta. Starting 8/31, players who applied to enter the NHL 21 closed technical test will receive codes for a preview build.

In a blog post, EA Community Manager clappy_NHL referenced the need to move development of NHL 21 to a work from home situation. “One of the biggest challenges we’ve had to face developing the game from home is our ability to stress test servers as well as the need to address any critical launch feedback from the community.” As a result, the closed technical test will be extra important.

The NHL 21 technical test will be exactly that, as its main goal will be to stress test servers. That makes this year’s beta a slightly different experience than past NHL games. For example, the beta for NHL 20 was an open beta, and players were allowed to record and stream footage of the beta. Players who participate in this year’s closed beta will not be able to upload footage or stream the game. Due to the nature of this year’s development process, many new features won’t be available in NHL 21’s closed beta.

What Can I Do In The NHL 21 Closed Beta?

As you would expect from a stress test, the NHL 21 closed technical test will let players try out online versus and the World of CHEL. You’ll have access to 3v3s and 6v6s. You’ll also get your first taste of what the new Club Finals championships will be like. If you don’t wanna rock in ranked, practice mode and free skate will be available as well.

The NHL 21 team is encouraging feedback from this closed beta. If you have feedback, there are a few places you can leave it: EA’s Answers HQ, the EA forums, or on the NHL video game subreddit.

Did you miss who’s on the cover of NHL 21? Check out our coverage here. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more NHL news as it drops. Are you participating in the NHL 21 closed beta? Discuss it on our forums!

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