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NHL 21 Gets Patch To Fix Line Editing Issues

NHL 21 Franchise Mode Deep Dive

After EA Sports released Patch 1.2 for NHL 21 last week, many were happy with some of the things that had been fixed. Unfortunately, however, the patch introduced a problem that many, including EA, felt needed to be addressed right away.

When editing your lines in Franchise Mode, the game would freeze if you attempted to select the option to “Substitute in all lines”. Most of the time, it would happen if you tried to replace in injured player within your lineup.

This would lead to a lot of lost progress due to having to restart the game.

The small update that’s available should stop the problem from happening moving forward.

While it’s nice to see EA addressing major issues quickly, there are still some problems that need fixing including an issue where the screen goes black during a penalty shot attempt in EASHL Club Threes. What other issues are you experiencing in NHL 21 that you hope to see fixed in a future update?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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