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NHL 22 EASHL Features Custom Builds, Shortened Playoffs, and More!

Sundays are usually slow news days for video games, but EA Sports decided to change all that with its full reveal of what’s coming in the World of Chel in NHL 22. From player builds to a new menu system, NHL 22 features a number of changes for players to enjoy this year.

Overhauled Menu System

One of the biggest problems with NHL 21 was how sluggish and hard to navigate the menu system was. Now, in World of Chel, NHL 22 features an overhauled menu system to make it easier for everyone to find exactly what they need.

From EA Sports:

First and foremost we completely revamped the overall look and feel of the World of Chel. Our goal was to create a festive and dynamic atmosphere based on everything that happens within the World of Chel? With each season, you’ll be able to play NHL 22 on an immerse background which places you in festive outdoor environments!

For our EA Sports™ Hockey League players, your club arena will be your homebase, visible in the World of Chel UI whenever you play. We heard feedback that the previous UI wasn’t very immersive so whether you like skating out on the ODR in ones or threes or getting five of your friends and competing at the highest level in the EASHL, your favorite way to play will be recognized.

NHL 22 World of Chel Locker Room

Now this new UI isn’t just pretty, it’s much more user friendly too. The World of Chel is a pretty large mode, there’s Ones, Threes, Drop-In, Pro-AM, as well as 3v3 and 6v6 club games. A lot of you felt there was way too much button clicking to get to all these modes. So we’re introducing what we call non-linear UI. It’s exactly what it sounds like; now, you’ll no longer have to load through multiple screens to get to your destination because each area is just a tap away once you’re in the World of Chel Hub. You can now customize your loadout, check your stats, open rewards and more, all without having to go through a mandatory flow like before. This will make mode navigation much faster than ever before.

We also wanted to make it easier to compete with your friends. That all starts with the all-new social widget. This allows you to invite your friends into a party and from there you can enter any mode seamlessly with your group of friends.

The days of multiple dressing rooms and having the entire team back out to get into any given mode is over! Now, with the click of a button, the party leader can change the mode and bring the entire group with them to the desired destination. While in a party or in the dressing room, the party leader and other group members can navigate to any area of the mode while remaining in the dressing room.

So if you’re waiting on that one person who always shows up late now you can remain grouped up and edit your loadout, check stats, open rewards and much more. This was an important quality of life feature for us to introduce and we hope it helps you spend less time navigating menus and more time scoring goals on the ice!

Custom EASHL Player Builds

One of the most asked for features is finally returning in NHL 22, and that’s custom player builds. Returning for the first time since the game called the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 home, players will be able to adjust the attributes of their EASHL player.

Building your player takes a number of steps: Zone Ability, Superstar Abilities, Boosts, and Attribute management. There are still 12 classes to choose from, but within your class there are more decisions to make for your player build.


From EA Sports:

Each class has five powerful X-Factor Zone Abilities available to them which will be a major pillar in your decision making right off the bat.

From there, the next step is superstar abilities; these are abilities that span across all classes. Want to be a defensive defensemen with incredible shooting? You can do that. The one thing you’ll have to keep in mind with superstar abilities that you won’t have with zone abilities, is that they require certain attribute thresholds you’ll need to hit.

How will you hit those thresholds you ask? Well, do we have something to tell you! You’ll now have the full ability to edit any attribute plus or minus 5 points. Each attribute has a certain cost associated with it, so body checking costs more to upgrade compared to something like offensive awareness. You will be able to take away points from any attribute within the same category to upgrade a different one. This will give you full control of how you play out on the ice!

Other NHL 22 World of Chel Features

Aside from the previous two features, there some other smaller details within the World of Chel to make the mode more enjoyable for players.

  • Shortened EASHL Club Finals in time length from two weeks to nine days in NHL 22
  • Changed EASHL ice color to make it easier to see the puck
  • Setting a team size difference before searching for games
  • Replay skipping setting for private games

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