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Immersive Atmospheres FIFA 18 – Better Crowds, New Stadiums and More

Immersive Atmospheres FIFA 18

Via their Twitter, EA Sports FIFA released a quick video teasing FIFA 18’s newest improvements. Titled Immersive Atmospheres, the video goes over a few huge changes coming to crowds and stadiums.

New Stadiums

Several new and stunning stadiums dominate the first quarter of the video. The architecture, the pitch, the lighting and the crowds give it a vibrant and almost hyper-real look.

High-Res Crowds

The developers appear to have fleshed out each person in the crowd. In addition, many now have noticeably different appearances. While their character models don’t look as good as the players themselves, it’s great to see so much work was put into the crowd. As Sports Gamers Online has learned in interviews, details like a crowd take up a lot of the game’s memory.

New Crowd Behavior

The video only shows off one of the unknown number of possibilities of crowd reactions. However, the one they do showcase makes it look and feel more like a real game. It is great to see a section of the enthusiastic crowd rush over their seats to the front of the stands as the ball hits the net.

New Pitch-Side Elements

The video shows off ambulances, cars, litter, and inflatables on the side pitch during different matches. EA has yet to reveal what level of control the player has over these elements.

Regionalization, player banners, and on-pitch graphics also get a short spotlight in the video. As the September 29th release date gets closer, Sports Gamer’s Online will keep you informed of all the latest details and news for FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 will release on September 29th, 2017, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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