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The Journey Season 2 Coming to FIFA 18

FIFA 17 delivered a cinematic story mode for the first time ever in a soccer game called The Journey. FIFA 17 has also been a very successful game sales wise globally. It was the 9th best-selling game in the US and the number 1 best-selling game in the UK in 2016.

I think The Journey’s debut played a huge part in that success and drove the sales up. I even have friends that bought FIFA 17 for The Journey who are not into FIFA usually.

EA boss Andrew Wilson came out with news that The Journey had been played by 10 Million people. With the cliffhanger ending of The Journey in FIFA 17, and the success of the mode, it really is no surprise to hear that it is returning to the next FIFA.

Now we have some official news on it. Andrew Wilson stated this – “FIFA 18 will build on the foundation we created with story mode this year, bringing players back to The Journey with Season 2, featuring new characters and new storylines.”

He then went on to say “Our development team in Vancouver is delivering deeply innovative new experiences across this year’s game, including an Ultimate Team, and creating the most emotionally immersive and connected FIFA we have ever produced.”

Wilson also stated that FIFA 17 was the “best selling console title in the world in 2016”. FIFA’s The Journey mode has been criticised by some for not having the ability to make your own character for the story mode. Whether we will see this come to FIFA 18’s The Journey mode with an entirely new story or a continuation of Alex Hunter’s story is unknown at this point.

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