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Advanced Target Passing Tips For Madden 18

Target Passing Tips Madden 18

Madden 18 has been out for a weeks now and everyone should have been able to get their feet wet in the game. Sports Gamers Online is back again with another tips and tricks video. This time, we focus on the new features using target passing on the field in Madden 18. You can catch the video above or via YouTube. Simply continue reading below for a full video breakdown.

Madden 18 Passing Tips

Today, I’m going to go over Target passing and more advanced techniques to help you on the field. Target passing allows you to place your passes anywhere on the field regardless of the QBs accuracy. It is determined by your own personal skill with the sticks and your quarterbacks throwing power. It’s very difficult to do consistently in game, but my advanced technique it should be easier.

Standard Target Passing

After the Snap

You’ll want to hold the left trigger button. This will activate the target passing mechanic with two reticles around the receiver. One will match your receiver’s icon color (blue, red, yellow etc..) and the other will be an orange reticle to serve as a way to help indicate where to place the pass. Now you don’t have to pass directly at the orange dot (you can throw it anywhere really), but as I said, it’s a guide to where you should throw it. Whoever the target passing mechanic highlighted is the primary receiver on the play. By moving the left stick, you can aim where you want to throw the pass. Once you have the target where you want it, hit the button of the receiver you’re focused on and your QB will deliver the pass.

Switch Primary Receiver Before the Play

If you want to switch your primary receiver before the snap, hit the Right Trigger button + the button of the receiver you want to throw to.

Switch Receivers During the Play

After you’ve snapped and activated target passing, tap the button of the receiver you want to pass it to and the target will swing over to him. Now you’re locked onto a different receiver. Like before, you again lead the pass with the left stick and once you’re satisfied, you hit his button again to throw him the pass.

Advanced Target Passing Techniques

After the Snap

Hit the Left Trigger only once after the snap. You don’t need to hold it. This will cause your target passing reticle to not be locked on a specific receiver. The reticle will now be white and you’re now free to move it anywhere. Like standard target passing, you’re in the area of your primary receiver, but you aren’t locked into one receiver. The game-changer is that now you’re free to press L1 without any discomfort to change the pass trajectory. Tap it once for a high pass, twice for a low pass and tap it three times for a standard pass. You can tell which it is by looking at the white indicator. It will rise off the ground if you throw a high pass and sink into the grass if your attempting a low one. And of course, once you have everything to your liking, press the receivers icon of the guy you want to pass it to for a pass completion!

Target passing is great for squeezing passes into tight zone windows and leading receivers away from defenders. Please note, the methods that I have gone over are not easy. You must put hours in the lab to master it. Use this video/article as a reference point. Additionally, it is completely optional and designed for more advanced players. That wraps up the this tips and tricks video.

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